Carlota & Ruben win the ‘World’s Best Debater’ competition at the ‘World Scholars Cup’ Global Finals held at Yale University competing against 1000’s of students from schools across 40 countries

International School

Welcome to Sunmarke School

A Passionately Character-Building & Innovative School in the Middle East

Sunmarke provides an ambitious and inspiring values-based education nurturing the hearts and minds of young boys and girls so that they can flourish and achieve their dreams.

Simply put, we transform young lives.

Powered by our unique, leading-edge Signature Programmes, we are an incredibly innovative school reshaping and inspiring tomorrow’s generation.

We are amongst the top 5 schools in Dubai, as seen by our outstanding IB and A-Level results, top university placements, and notable student achievements in the arts, sports, and extracurriculars.

We are a recognised global leader in Positive Education – a paradigm shift in education worldwide – where it’s increasingly acknowledged that truly outstanding teaching and learning is only attained by developing “academic and personal excellence” as well as “well-being and character”.

We are one of the few schools in the UAE to offer both the IB and A-Level curriculum pathways, as well as the BTECs.

Backed by Fortes Education’s rich history of over 40 years in academia, Sunmarke is rated “Outstanding” by the British School Overseas Inspection Authority and “Very Good” by KHDA.

Our Purpose

We aim to inspire young boys and girls to thrive and flourish with purpose.

A Rigorous & Ambitious Education
We deliver an education that emphasises academic excellence and participation in diverse sports, performing arts and extracurricular activities.

Outstanding Senior Leaders & Teachers
Our educators are ambassadors of Positive Education and inspirational teachers.

40 Years of History
Sunmarke School is backed by Fortes Education’s four decades of excellence in education

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Ages 45 days to 3 years

Sunmarke EYFS


Ages 3 to 5 years



Ages 5 to 11 years



Ages 11 to 16 years

Sunmarke 6th-form

Sixth Form

Ages 16 to 18 years

Sunmarke - Pathway to Top Universities

Top University Destinations

Sunmarke’s Unique & Leading-edge Signature Programmes


STEAM & Design Thinking

This programme builds critical thinking and creativity with students working on solving real-world problems in interdisciplinary projects that follow the Stanford Design Thinking process. Students sharpen their critical thinking and developing skills in product development and agile project management while building and coding mechanical, electrical and robotic control systems and prototypes.


IB, A-Level, GCSE & BTEC Pathways

We offer multiple pathways in the IB, A-Levels and BTECs enabling all children to meet their career aspirations.

Positive Education

Positive Education Ethos

Sunmarke is a recognised global leader in Positive Education where the development of character, values and well-being is central to a child’s development and anchors our school ethos.

Sunmarke MBA

The Sunmarke MBA

Students develop strong leadership and entrepreneurship skills in this programme which has been developed in conjunction with the Peter Jones Academy for Entrepreneurship and the University of Birmingham MBA school. Students also participate in Sunmarke’s Venture Incubator and pitch their projects to Sunmarke’s Shark Tank judges for funding their startups.


Performing Arts, Media & Communication

Artistically inclined students can pursue a deeply arts-infused programme in music, theatre, the visual arts, dance, and media and communications to pursue their passion and creative interests.


Environment & Sustainability

Students learn to become environmentally conscious and eco-champions coming to deeply appreciate Mother Nature through our Forest School programme, learning in Sunmarke’s beautiful Forest, Vegetable Garden, and Hydroponic farming programme.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Education

Our Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) programme takes students on a transformative and immersive journey enabling them to experience scientific, artistic, historical and cultural concepts like never before.


Careers Development Programme

Students are coached to meet the future challenges of university and the workplace through a range of career development programmes such as guidance to top global universities; successful university applications; student internships at leading corporates; mentorships with business leaders; resume building; and mock interviews.


Enrichment & Extracurricular Activities

We offer 100 extracurricular activities in high-performance sports, the performing arts, ballet, music, journalism, debate, public speaking, community service, and more, enabling students to pursue and expand their interests and develop their character.


Global Language Academy

Students are given the opportunity to develop their 3rd language skills in Mandarin, French and Hindi becoming better rounded global citizens.


AI Learning Platform

Sunmarke’s next-generation AI learning platform supports learning through self-paced problem-solving for those keen to accelerate or catch up on their learning.

Term and/or Summer Abroad

Term and/or Summer Abroad

Secondary students are given an opportunity to attend a partner boarding school abroad to expand their historical, linguistic and cultural knowledge while developing independence and character.

Excellent Academic Results 2022-23

100% of students exceeded the world average
100% of students passed the IB Career-Related Programme
100% of students got 1st choice universities
100% of students achieved Distinction or Distinction*
100% student pass rate at A-Level
99% student pass rate at GCSE
GCSE 9-5 (A*- C)
GCSE 9-6 (A*- B)
GCSE 9-7 (A*- A)

Sunmarke - Launchpad to Future Success

Our Summer Workplace Internships for Students

Parent Testimonials

  • Today’s experience has been really valuable for me, appreciating just how well the science, technology, arts, and mathematical elements come together. 

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    Sunmarke School
  • I’d like to say thank you to Sunmarke that you have such a perfect opportunity to have this experience with our kids.

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    Sunmarke School
  • I’m super happy for my daughter that has the opportunity to make experiments, and prototypes, try something, and create something. It’s amazing for every child.

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    Sunmarke School
  • It’s great to see how they want to develop kids more with the creative mind in the STEAM Programme. We loved it. We are looking forward to more!

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    Sunmarke School
  • We are very happy to come today. I think it’s a very nice experience for both the kids and the parents…it’s amazing.

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    Sunmarke School
  • Our children are growing up as future citizens of the world, and they are super happy and enthusiastic to go to school every day.

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    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • I am genuinely impressed with everything that the kids are exposed to here at Sunmarke School. Also, immensely thankful for everything that the school is providing them.

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    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • What I like about Sunmarke is its environment and sustainability programme, as it raises children’s awareness about the world.

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    Christina & Mike
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • Sunmarke is the best school choice for us because my daughter is very happy to go to school every day. As a parent, I am highly satisfied with the quality of education provided here at Sunmarke School, as I can witness my daughter’s consistent progress and improvement each day.

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    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • I am really impressed with the STEAM programme they have here at Sunmarke. Moreover, my kids have the opportunity to explore and learn about environmental and sustainability programme as well. I am very thankful for all the opportunities Sunmarke is providing for my kids.

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    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • Sunmarke School is truly amazing. I couldn’t have asked for more. It’s been the perfect school for my son.

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    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • As a family, we have travelled a lot and our children have attended the top schools in the world. I can confidently say Sunmarke is amongst the top schools. It’s competitive both in academics and sports and offers a wide range of extracurriculars. The school keeps surprising us with its innovative programs and yet never forgets the heart and soul of the child.

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    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • We have been at Sunmarke from the beginning and have seen our children grow into character-strong, confident young adults. They are well-balanced, have a strong sense of values, and approach each day with a sense of gratitude. Honestly, as parents, we could not have asked for more. 

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    Sunmarke School
  • This is a fantastic school. We have been here for 5 years and our kids are really, really happy. The school is a home away from home. The teachers are really what make a difference – passionate about teaching, the children, and dynamic practitioners.

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    Sunmarke School
  • I was blown away and super impressed with Sunmarke’s STEAM programme where multiple classes such as science, technology and computing, math, art and media, and design technology are collapsed into one massive lab which the school calls SPACE-X (in nod to Elon Musk himself). STEAM is interwoven across the whole curriculum. Sunmarke takes the learning journey to the next level. My son is always very excited about STEAM. Sunmarke’s teaching style has lifted his critical thinking skills, enabling him to find solutions to real-life problems.

    Rasha Khalil
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • Sunmarke is not just about the regular staple diet of education schools give. It goes way beyond anything we have experienced. My child, Alfa, has benefited tremendously with the school’s various signature programmes, such as the Forest School and the STEAM programme. During our visit to the school’s STEAM showcase, Alfa, my child mentioned, showed what he had created with great interest. As parents we were fascinated by his learning journey, how he took the concept of catapult studied in Stone Age man to a full blown model with all the ways the catapult was used in hunting for food. Sunmarke encapsulates real and practical learning and engagement at its best.

    Mrs. Breman
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • My son’s learning from Sunmarke’s unbelievably creative Signature Programmes has been the hallmark of his growth at school. He has grown to have a real love for Nature and truly cares about conservation, all learned through Sunmarke’s Forest School programme. At Sunmarke’s STEAM programme and Space-X, he tinkers, ideates and tries, fails, and tries and finally successfully makes products and solutions, learning perseverance and the patience that even if you fail, always keep trying till you succeed. 

    Marianne Boushra
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • Children truly learn when they have fun and that is exactly what Sunmarke achieves daily in and out of the classroom. My child has shown his immense excitement about STEAM and constantly updates me about the progress of his projects. I love being able to see my child express his work and his learning journey. He is engaged, involved, and passionate, and he looks forward to going to school every day.

    Nura Al Gaddah
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • Sunmarke is an amazing school for students of all ages, with its state of the art campus, well behaved students, qualified faculty and efficient admin team. That’s when we decided to enrol our child in the IB curriculum. It’s been a great experience for us as parents.

    Anita Isaac
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • Focuses on the individual. Mutual respect. Building a genuine relationship with child and parent.

    Sunmarke School
  • Happy to have my daughter in this amazing school.

    Ahlam Bounaim
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • Great school to learn and play. The teacher and assistant are all benevolent with children.

    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • The most important thing about Sunmarke is the fact that it is a school that listens positively and take prompt action and my child’s progress is its number one priority.

    Sunmarke School
  • My elder son is in primary at Sunmarke School. We are really happy with the curriculum here and all the Signature programmes offered especially Performing Arts where my son got the opportunity to showcase his talent.

    Okesia Panina
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • Beside the impressive facilities and very strong academic track record, the school is remarkable in ensuring it’s ‘positive education’ philosophy is lived and breathed every day. Far from being just a tag line applied by a marketeer, the pastoral care and support for the children is second to none.

    Sunmarke School
  • My children at Sunmarke are extremely happy with the environment and the encouragement that’s being provided by the teachers. Its indeed commendable for a friendly atmosphere where all the kids are provided platform to showcase their potential.

    Sheeba Suresh
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • No bullying policy, positive education, good teachers and organization.

    Sunmarke School
  • Sunmarke’s education is beyond compare – strong academics, a caring atmosphere, attention to every child, and a wide range of extracurricular and sports activities. Our children and us as a family have been extremely happy with Sunmarke.

    YouTube player
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • At Sunmarke, my daughter has grown into a young adult with a strong sense of values and character. She excels in her academics, is thoughtful and kind, approaches each day with a positive attitude, and is a joy to be around. As a family, we are deeply grateful to Sunmarke and its absolutely wonderful and caring teachers who are wonderful role models and truly embody the character strengths and wellbeing the school and its ethos of Positive Education espouse.

    Shereen Raggel
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • I have been truly impressed by my child’s learning at Sunmarke. However, this level of education is evident amongst his entire class. My child and his cohort’s depth of knowledge, innovative approach to problem-solving and thinking, and respectful nature have all impressed me. Each zone in the school is very well resourced, equipped both technologically and academically. Keep up the good work Sunmarke!

    Zaid Hassan
    Parent, Sunmarke School
  • Sunmarke School is an across the board “Outstanding School” and provides an outstanding quality of education for all its pupils.

    BSO Inspection Report
  • Sunmarke School is outstanding in almost all respects. Student’s learning skills are very strong. A significant key strength of the school is the outstanding wellbeing and personal development of all students.

    KHDA Report
  • Sunmarke School is genuinely a ground-breaking school and offers the broadest curriculum options of ANY other school in the Emirates.
  • We would encourage interested parents to visit this school. We are impressed by the commitment of the school to an open policy towards students of all abilities and the development of the curriculum to provide a far wider range of Sixth Form options than has been seen to date in Dubai.
  • Sunmarke meets the criteria of a “School of Character” ten times over. It is an “Outstanding School of Character” and makes a huge difference to the lives of the children in this school. Character and the idea of “flourishing” is embedded within everything this school does. I am hugely impressed!

    Prof. James Arthur, Director of the Jubilee Centre for Character & Virtues at The University of Birmingham, UK

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What is IB Curriculum?

Founded in 1968, the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a well-established and highly regarded educational programme that follows a global academic framework designed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).

The IB Curriculum, with its emphasis on diversity and holistic education, fosters a healthy appetite for learning, equipping students with skills required to excel in a globalised era. Adopted by top international schools across the world, one of the biggest advantages of an IB education is that it offers a standardised curriculum permitting students to transfer from an international school in one country to another smoothly.

International schools authorised to teach IB programmes are known as IB World Schools. An estimated 3000 schools in over 140 countries have adopted the IB programme.

Sunmarke School is one of the top international schools near you and one of the best schools in Dubai. It is a British curriculum school in Dubai offering excellent IB education. You can admit your children in the international school for a promising future. Details on the fees for admission in this international school in Dubai are available on the school’s website.

What are the different educational pathways?

The IB is a globally accepted educational system with curricular and extra-curricular programmes designed to promote diversity and curiosity. One of the biggest benefits of an IB education is a standarised curriculum accepted worldwide, making it easy for students to transition from a school in one country to another without having to face academic challenges.

IB curricula is popular with educationists because of its well-defined standards, a student-centred approach to learning and focus on creativity and critical thinking skills. The IB programme is highly transferable across countries and is recognised by leading universities making it ideal for students who may need to move countries.

Its flexibility offers the opportunity to tailor academic programmes for a particular region thus giving IB World Schools an edge over regular international schools. Sunmarke is a remarkable IB school near you and one of the best British schools in Dubai. Admission in the international school can open doors to opportunities for your children. You can get details on the fees for admission in this international school in Dubai on the school’s website.

How are schools ranked?

Schools in Dubai are regulated and ranked by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the authority responsible for the growth and quality of private education in the emirate.

KHDA evaluates and rates private schools, based on a comprehensive set of criteria encompassing six key performance indicators (KPIs): student achievement, teaching and assessment, curriculum, student protection and wellbeing, school management and leadership, and resources. The objective is to help parents make informed choices about a school, provide a benchmark for quality education and improve standards of education. Based on their performance, schools are rated as ‘Outstanding’, ‘Very Good’, ‘Good’, ‘Acceptable’ and ‘Weak’.

British Curriculum Schools in Dubai like Sunmarke are also rated by the British Schools Overseas (BSOs), a voluntary accreditation scheme, managed by the Department for Education (DfE), UK. The objective is to assess the quality of British international schools outside of the country and ensure it meets the high standards of British education. The stringent evaluation process, conducted by a team of experienced British school inspectors, judges a British school near you based on its academic programmes, governance, management, amenities offered to students and other criteria. If a British school near you in Dubai meets the standards, it is awarded BSO accreditation for a period of up to four years.

Sunmarke is one of the best British schools in Dubai. You can get details on the fees for admission in this international school in Dubai on the school’s website.

What does KHDA and BSO rated mean?

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the regulatory authority for education in Dubai leading the growth and defining the quality of private education. The KHDA supports institutions and its various stakeholders to create a high-quality education sector that ensures growth and wellbeing of students. Sunmarke achieved a rating of ‘Outstanding’ in the KHDA Inspection report of 2022-23. With this, the British school near to you established its credentials further as one of the best schools in Dubai.

The British Schools Overseas (BSO) is a voluntary accreditation scheme that assesses British international schools outside the United Kingdom. The scheme is managed by the Department for Education (DfE) in the UK and is available to British curriculum schools around the world. A BSO accreditation means that a school meets the high standards of UK education in its educational offerings, governance, leadership and facilities.

Sunmarke is one of the best British schools near you in Dubai and was rated ‘Outstanding’ by the BSO Inspection report of 2023.