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A Philosophy Where Character Strengths Underpin Academic Excellence

Truly outstanding education is not just about academic and personal achievements but also about the development of character, values, and wellbeing. This is the essence of Positive Education (PosEd).

A scientifically-proven concept, PosEd is causing a paradigm shift in global education where parents, schools and governments realise the need to increase a child’s ‘wellbeing’ to raise his/her levels of ‘achievement’.

PosEd brings together the science of Positive Psychology combined with the best teaching practices to enable individuals, schools, and communities to flourish, be resilient, creative, successful and happy.

Sunmarke – A Character-Building School

Multiple studies on the effects of PosEd testify that improved levels of a child’s wellbeing are associated with higher levels of academic engagement, social skills, optimism, behaviour, and fewer mental health-related issues.

Positive Education – Sunmarke’s DNA

Positive Education (PosEd) is not an additional subject at Sunmarke but it’s woven into the fabric of the international school’s culture and is reflected in all its activities and teaching mechanisms. Sunmarke’s teachers undergo an intense training programme before entering the classroom where they learn, live, teach and embed Positive Education.

This is what our teachers say about the Positive Education training they receive at Sunmarke:

“Where amazing happens.  A motto that at first glance just appears to be some words to attract parents to send their children to Sunmarke school, almost like a gimmick.  Over the past 3 days for me amazing did happen.   The positive education training took me on a journey of self-discovery, showing me that changing my mindset can bring positive outcomes. I realized I have the power to make a difference in people’s lives. This training was the best I’ve ever received from a school, as they genuinely cared about us, ensuring we could apply what we learned in teaching and at home. It was an incredible experience, especially since I used to dislike training due to its lack of usefulness. This was entirely different – truly helpful, purposeful, and enlightening. It taught me to believe in the potential of education to inspire change.”

“The breadth of knowledge, evidence-based theories, outstanding coordination and delivery, and just everything about this week was outstanding! I was blown away in every way possible and feel so supported, valued, and appreciated.”

The ‘Flourish’ Model

The 6 Key Skills Practised and Taught by Sunmarke Teachers for Students to Incorporate in Their Lives



Our PosEd and wellbeing approach fosters deep trust in our school community, creating a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment. We embed various initiatives into the daily routines, curriculum and extracurricular activities to establish a personal, social and academic support system each child needs to flourish. 


Class and Form Tutors, Heads of Year, and Subject teachers support students every day through direct teaching, mentoring, workshops and assemblies. The  Counselling Department provides compassionate care for children who may require professional support and or simply a sympathetic listening ear.

Students and parents both have access to a School Counsellor. A ‘Wellbeing Champion’ represents the school leadership in our Parent Association and ‘Friends of Sunmarke School’ (FOSS) group while the popular monthly ‘Wellness Wednesday’ event raises awareness among parents about crucial topics like strength-based parenting, raising children in the digital age and health and nutrition. 



Sunmarke has a designated Safeguarding and Child Protection Team with Child Protection Officers at every Key Stage in primary and secondary school.

Click here for more information on our Safeguarding & Child Protection Team 

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy 2023-24

We are also a certified school with the National Online Safety programme benchmarked to the best school safety standards in the UK.

Please find more information about NOS here: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/