A Positive Education School

A Positive Education School

Positive Education (PosEd) brings together the science of Positive Psychology with best teaching practices to enable individuals, schools and communities to flourish. PosEd drives a child to learn more effectively, and be more resilient, creative, productive, successful and healthy.

Sunmarke School is part of the International Positive Education Network (IPEN) and has a close partnership with the Institute of Positive Education from Geelong Grammar School in Australia that is promoting a paradigm shift in global education by connecting schools, governments and policymakers to the best educational resources to raise the awareness of interconnected nature between a child’s ‘wellbeing’ and ‘achievement’.

Multiple studies on the effects of PosEd testify that improved levels of a child’s wellbeing are associated with higher levels of academic engagement, stronger social skills, higher levels of optimism, improved behaviour, and fewer mental health-related issues.

Positive Education is not an additional subject but the culture of the whole-school at Sunmarke, and our teachers go through rigorous training in Positive Education principles before entering the classroom.

They learn, live, teach and embed Positive Education.

The ‘Flourish’ Model 

Sunmarke teachers practice 6 key skills and teach children to incorporate these skills into their own lives.


Our approach to Wellbeing is in line with our ‘Positive Education’ (PosEd) ethos as a school. It is a belief system that fosters a community of trust and restoration.

Our desire is to create a safe, welcoming, nurturing school environment where with the help of caring teachers each student is encouraged to grow holistically and engage in society in meaningful ways. We take the wellbeing of students very seriously, embedding it into the daily routines, curriculum, and extracurricular activities in order to create a culture of care and support throughout the school. 

Through various Wellness and Guidance initiatives, we seek to surround each student with the personal, social, and academic support they need in order to thrive.

We have Class and Form Tutors, Heads of Year, and Subject teachers who support students on a daily basis through direct teaching, mentoring, workshops and assemblies.

Our Counselling Department is in place to provide care for students and who may require additional support and guidance. Students and Parents both have access to speak to a School Counsellor by scheduling an appointment.

We also have a Wellbeing Champion on the leadership of our Parent Association, FOSS (Friends of Sunmarke School).

Our popular ‘Wellness Wednesday‘ events, which are held on one Wednesday each month, offer our parent body and community the opportunity to learn about topics such as Strength-Based Parenting, Raising Children in the Digital Age and Health & Nutrition workshops.

We also have a designated Safeguarding and Child Protection Team at Sunmarke School with Child Protection Officers at every Key Stage.

Click here for more information on our Safeguarding & Child Protection Team 

View our Child Protection Policy August 2019

We are also a certified school with the National Online Safety programme that allows us to work through eSafety programmes specifically tailored to Staff, Students and Parents.

Please find more information about NOS here: https://nationalonlinesafety.com/


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