Our Purpose

Our Purpose

“To empower students with a high-quality value-based education that inspires students to achieve their fullest potential and flourish in a changing world.”


Why a Sunmarke Education?

We are proud to offer a wide range of curriculum pathways, which cater to the diverse needs and interests of 21st-century learners.  We offer the National Curriculum for England and the GCSE and A Level programmes. BTEC qualifications are available for students in Years 10-13, in addition, to select ASDAN Short Courses and Preparing for Adulthood programmes. Sunmarke is also an IB World School and offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and Career-related Programme.

Sunmarke is a leader in Positive Education (PosEd) which is a paradigm shift in global education. Research has shown that happiness is the key to learning and success. PosEd is based on outstanding teaching and the science of positive psychology, happiness and wellbeing.

The philosophy of PosEd permeates every aspect of our school, enabling Sunmarke children to flourish learning skills for ‘Academics and Achievement’, such as critical thinking, literacy and numeracy, as well as the skills of ‘Character development’ and ‘Wellbeing’, such as resilience, confidence, self-esteem, happiness, kindness, gratitude, discipline and a strong work ethic.



For more information on Positive Education at Sunmarke School, click here.

Our education programme is further enhanced by MultiSmart Learning™, a high impact education programme, which nurtures multiple pathways to learning and develops the “9 types of Intelligence” triggering all-round child development.

A STEAM Learning enabled school. 

Sunmarke is a STEAM enabled school capturing where education is at today – where science, technology (digital literacy and coding), engineering and maths converge with the arts and humanities nurturing children into tomorrow’s generation of thinkers, innovators and leaders. 

With extensive research into the way, our students learn as well understanding of subject-specific methodologies our students have now started to embed this philosophy.  It has allowed students not only to make the intrinsic connection between subjects but also innovate and share solutions naturally.  Our students understand how to work with challenging problems that enable them to think laterally, in order to present creative solutions to problems.

We provide a number of opportunities to our students to not only excel within the individual STEAM subjects – Science, Technology (Computing and ICT), Engineering (Design Technology), Arts, and Maths but also how these subjects come together.  Our curricula in these areas are mapped to allow students to share specialist knowledge between the subjects and apply them to problem-solving using our STEAM Steps – ‘Think, Make, Share‘.

Some of our more explicit initiatives in STEAM include the STEAM Fair, STEAM House Competitions, STEAM Workshops, STEAM Assemblies, STEAM-based electives (such as FLL and DI Challenge), and of course our recent work with the Dubai Expo 2020.  All of these opportunities allow students to excel in 21st Century learning skills like teamwork, problem-solving, resourcefulness, technology-mindedness, lateral thinking, disruptive thinking, and risk-taking.

We know the skills above will allow our students to access careers that are flexible and require multi-disciplinary approaches.  We are confident that our students will become leading experts in new fields across science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths in the future.

Digital Literacy is a way of life at Sunmarke

Sunmarke benefits from Fortes’ two decades of technology know-how and is a completely technology enabled school which fosters greater innovation, creativity and impact in our teaching and learning.

Students use our technology to publish work online; submit homework; collaborate with other students on projects; receive classroom instruction and assessments; access the digital library; and plan their diaries and co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

At Sunmarke we recognise the importance of digital literacy for all learners.  We have successfully enabled a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) programme where students bring in laptop and tablet devices that can connect to the school network, internet, Virtual Learning Environment and e-library. They are able to work with greater interactivity, connectivity and collaboration; access information faster; and share, publish and submit their works online.

Key Features: Digital Literacy

  • Fully equipped labs from Primary and Secondary for all subjects
  • Facilities include laptops and tablet connectivity in every classroom; a blend of Smart TVs and interactive whiteboards; blended learning labs; and a digital library housing hundreds of ebooks, educational apps and online resources.
  • All staff and learners use MS Office 365, MS Outlook, MS Teams for communication and productivity
  • All our learners have access to MS OneNote tools to move towards digital exercise books
  • Subscriptions to external tools include SeeSaw, Learning Ladders, GCSE Pod, SAM Learning, STAR reader, GL Assessment, MyMaths, Arabic Oral and Written On-Screen Testing, Teach-ICT, and Yacapaca.
  • Customizable classroom IT solutions enable accessibility for our Students of Determination. We encourage use of tools such as immersive readers, vision tools, auto-generate captions on video for hearing impaired, dictation software for speech-to-text, mobility tools and typing in examination.
  • Online classrooms with online collaborative learning, online student work spaces and notebooks, online delivery of homework, online assessments and a host of other features through key partnerships with leading technology providers Google, Apple and Microsoft.
  • To promote well-being at our school, we use technology to track and monitor student achievements, enabling students to identify their character strengths and work towards improving these through Positive Education.
  • Parents use our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) application to track their child’s progress, educational goals and programmes of study, homework, planning, attendance, behaviour and rewards and recognitions; and to share and receive information with stakeholders in school.
  • We offer annual Parental Workshops on Digital Safety
  • Staff Digital Agenda Committee

Please view our BYOD Policy here.

Coding – more than a brand promise

“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” – Professor Stephen Hawking, Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, and Author.

Sunmarke is one of few schools in the UAE that has quickly adapted to delivering a dedicated Computing Curriculum to all learners from Year 1 to Year 13.

Sunmarke student’s access and learn about topics such as Programming (through a number of computer languages), Coding, Hardware, Software Development, Computational Thinking, Computer Logic, Networking, Computer Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, e-Waste, and Emerging technologies.

We want our learners to be more than programmers, and pride ourselves on producing learners that think holistically about computer solutions, learners that are innovative, team workers, risk-takers, open-minded, reflective, and reflective.

Key Features: Coding

  • Computing Lessons for all learners from Year 1 to Year 13 (optional from KS4 onwards)
  • Inter-school Coding Competitions for Primary through to the Sixth Form: Hour of Code, Bebras, Codathon, FLL Juniors, FLL Seniors, Amity University Challenge Dubai, and Skyline University Challenge Sharjah.
  • Visits: Apple Swift Programming Workshop and Cisco Computing for Girls
  • 3D Printing enabled in Computing Curriculum
  • Coding Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) for Primary and Secondary
  • Robotics – Computing Curriculum from KS1 and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)
  • Programmable Microcomputer hardware taught in curriculum from KS2: MicroBits, Raspberry Pi, and SAM Lab
  • Expert Computing and ICT subject specialist teaching and support team


Our school offers a wide array of pathways for learners in this subject.  Students can choose in KS4 from BTEC Level 2 IT, iGCSE ICT, and iGCSE Computer Science.  And at KS5 we offer International A Level IT, A Level Computer Science, BTEC Level 3 IT, and IB ITGS.

For extra-curricular activities, we have dedicated computer building, robotics, game making, First Lego League, and other clubs where students can join to learn and enjoy the best of our subject.  It has never been a better time to be a Computer enthusiast than being at Sunmarke.

Sunmarke offers over 60 co-curricular and extracurricular activities that include clubs for sports, the performing arts, drama and theatre, journalism, music, math, science, robotics, debate, public speaking, and more to develop a child’s social, physical, emotional and cultural growth, as well as interests, and teamwork and leadership skills.

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Why Sunmarke? Learn how we provide a uniquely outstanding education by developing skills for academic and personal achievement as well as character and wellbeing - also known as Positive Education, a paradigm shift in global education.

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