SUNMARKE’S Wellbeing Zone

At Sunmarke, we believe that a combination of a healthy body and a healthy mind leads to a healthy life.

Wellbeing is achieved when you take care of all the different areas of living, from the way you eat, move, sleep to the thoughts and feelings that you experience. On our wellbeing page you will find articles, guided practices and information on many different topics that will help you on your own wellness journey.

In addition, we’ve specially focused on the current health crisis, and how we can help ourselves stay fit, stay healthy and stay calm during this period.



School, studying, friendships and relationships…..they can be exciting, fun, overwhelming and stressful.

It is extremely important to take care of yourself, not just from a physical point of view, it is necessary to make sure you eat healthy, exercise and have restful sleep, but it is as important to make sure you take care of yourself from a social and emotional perspective.

These mindful colouring sheets can be used as calming activities with you and your family DISCOVER MORE

Try these breathing and brain break activities DISCOVER MORE


We understand that sometimes it takes a village to get it right.

To help you in ensuring that our students have a 360 degree support system, we have gathered some useful links and resources that will guide you on topics ranging from how to help your children to the important practice of taking care of yourself.

This resource supports children to express and identify their feelings DISCOVER MORE

This resource provides top tips when supporting children with anxiety DISCOVER MORE


As educators and caretakers, the responsibility to health is not limited to others…it is as important to ensure that you pay attention to your own well-being , across the physical, social and emotional areas of your life.

Here are 6 exercises to try that will increase your positive emotions and wellbeing DISCOVER MORE

Experience the power of gratitude. Download your own Gratitude Journal DISCOVER MORE

Try this simple technique that takes just a few minutes, it can help an agitated student regain the state of mind needed for learning  DISCOVER MORE

The Fortes Education Padlet

Click here to check out our curated resources to help support you during this COVID-19 period.

Wellbeing Webinar: Back to School – We’re Ready! Are You? 

Watch this Wellbeing Webinar hosted by our School Counsellor, Priya Cima, which is packed full of useful tips & strategies to support caregivers and their children’s emotional wellbeing ahead of the new school year.

Keep an eye out for more wellness events happening this academic year!

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Supporting Your Child Online: E- Safety 

Here are some great resources to support your children during online learning.

YouTube Safety Guide for Parents CLICK HERE

Install Boomerang – the Parent Control App DISCOVER MORE

Students | Positive Education Ethos | Sunmarke British International School Dubai

What Character Strengths Can You Draw On Right Now?

All the recent changes in routine and reduced contact with friends and family can be an incredibly confusing time for children and adults alike. We hope to be a resource for all of you as we navigate these waters together. In doing so we would like to reflect on some important character strengths that we can use to support the wellbeing of our children and young people during this time.


Learn how your character strengths can support you here

Contacting The Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Team at Sunmarke School are always here to assist you. Reach out to them via the VLE by selecting the ‘Contact School Department’ option and select your child’s name. The designated Wellbeing Department (EYFS/ Primary/ Secondary) for your child will then appear in the drop down menu, please type your message and submit. A member of the Wellbeing team will be in touch with you to see how they can best support you and your family.

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