Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

At Sunmarke School, we understand that your child’s education is one of the greatest personal investments you will make and we strive to provide the highest quality education in a world class IB and British curriculum school at an affordable price.

EYFS & Primary Phase Tuition Fees
Year Group KHDA Approved Tuition Fees for 2021-22 KHDA Approved Timely Discounted Tuition Fees for 2021-22*
Foundation 1 56,992 46,700
Foundation 2 62,174 51,900
Year 1 67,355 57,400
Year 2 67,355 57,400
Year 3 69,945 58,450
Year 4 69,945 58,450
Year 5 72,536 58,450
Year 6 72,536 58,450
Secondary Phase Tuition Fees
Year Group KHDA Approved Tuition Fees for 2021-22 KHDA Approved Timely Discounted Tuition Fees for 2021-22*
Year 7 82,898 72,700
Year 8 82,898 72,700
Year 9 82,898 72,700
Year 10 93,260 76,860
Year 11 93,260 76,860
Year 12 98,441 77,900
Year 13 98,441 77,900

*Note: The discounted Tuition Fees in 2021-22 and subsequent years will increase reasonably taking into account the school’s continuous improvements and investments in the recruitment of outstanding teachers and senior leaders, teacher and staff training, curriculum development, resources, the overall education, infrastructure and facilities. 

Please view Sunmarke’s Admissions & Fee Policy 2020-21 here

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Application & Assessment Fee: A one-time application fee of AED 500 for new students (this includes the Assessment Fee) – Non-refundable & due on submission of Application.

Acceptance Fee (New Students): 10% of Tuition Fee – Non-refundable & payable within 5 days from the date of Offer. This fee is deducted from the Tuition Fee due in the term of joining.

Re-enrolment Fees (Existing Students): 5% of Annual Tuition Fee or AED 500 (whichever is higher) – Non-refundable and due at the start of Term 3 of the current academic year.

Sibling Discounts: 1st Sibling 5%, 2nd Sibling 10%, 3rd Sibling 10%, 4th Sibling 10% and 5th Sibling 10%. The sibling discount scheme is available to those siblings from the same family who enrol at the school for one full academic year. The sibling discount is applicable to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th child from the same family. The amount of the discount is calculated off the actual Tuition Fee paid of the child who pays the lowest tuition fee amongst the siblings enrolled at the school. The maximum discount per family cannot exceed 35% of the lowest paying sibling’s Tuition Fee.

Payment of Fees (Tuition, Transport, Exam, Activity & Uniform Fees): 

For your convenience, we offer parents multiple ways to pay fees. Parents can pay by credit card via the School’s secure Desktop Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or VLE Mobile App which can be downloaded from the Google Playstore for Android phones or Apple App Store for iPhones. Once a child is admitted, the Admissions team provides parents with their login credentials, i.e., username and password.

Parents can also pay fees by (a) Bank Transfer to the bank account given below, or (b) by Cash, Credit Card or Cheque (in favour of Sunmarke School) at the School’s Account’s Office.


Uniform fees are to be paid separately at the School’s Uniform Shop.

Fees for field trips, events and fund-raisers must be paid online, (as and when the activity takes place), via the School’s secure Desktop Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or VLE Mobile App.

Payment can be made via wire transfer to the following account:
Account Name Sunmarke School LLC Tuition Fees – Due Dates

Autumn Term: 01st August

Spring Term: 15th November

Summer Term: 15th February

Re-enrolment: 01st day of Term 3

Account Number 012000921414
Bank Name National Bank of Fujairah PJSC
Branch Jebel Ali
IBAN Number AE220380000012000921414
Remarks <School / Nursery> | <Student First & Last Name> | <Year Group> | <Academic Year> | <Term 1,2,3>

Please email proof of all payments to:

Additional Fees (charged separately from Tuition Fee):

  • Optional Transportation Services via 3rd Party Service Provider
  • Optional Dining Services via 3rd Party Service Provider
  • Optional After-School Activities provided by 3rd Party Service Providers
  • School Uniforms
  • Educational Visits

Please note, the School’s Tuition Fees are subject to change in accordance with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Fee Framework.

For full details of fees and any applicable discounts, please contact the Admissions Office telephone +971 (04) 423 8900 or email:

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