Virtual Tour and Assessments

Virtual Tours and Assessments

As our schools face temporary closure due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus prevention, we are presented with a unique opportunity to demonstrate that teaching and learning can remain of the highest quality even in the face of adversity. Through the Sunmarke Virtual School we can ensure that learning can continue to take place wherever and whenever students require, so that they can continue to make excellent progress along their learning journey.

For all our Sunmarke families, our Virtual School follows the existing timetable of the physical school, so that students enjoy the continuity with minimum disruption. Our online learning environment offers opportunities that do not exist in a physical classroom. For instance, the student can retrieve and re-visit the teacher’s input repeatedly if they wish, to help them understand and embed a new concept.

For our new families, who wish to liaise with us to know more about life at Sunmarke, from Dubai to the comfort of your own home, we invite you to explore Sunmarke through a series of videos. Get a glimpse of the Sunmarke Life, hear from Senior Leaders about the curriculum and our approaches in EYFS, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form, and watch our musical performances, sports day highlights and so much more as you stroll down our exclusive Youtube Playlist here.

So sit back, relax and welcome us to a screen near you!

You may also wish to watch these incredible videos to see what makes Sunmarke a truly remarkable school:

In response to COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have not suspended our Admissions Programme, and we are going full steam ahead with Virtual Assessments! Our Admissions Officers are on standby to schedule your child’s assessments right away. These assessments will be virtual and will be conducted via video call. During this period all your interactions with the Admissions Officers and Senior Leaders will be via video call, phone calls or emails.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus prevention, we invite you to take a virtual tour of our school where you can experience the Sunmarke Life from the comfort of your own home.
Our Admissions Team are available to accept applications and enquiries & virtual assessments are currently being conducted via video call.


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