Self-Care September – Your guide to looking after YOU this month!

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The foundation of wellbeing starts with self-care, which means being good to yourself.

That’s why Sunmarke School is taking part in Action For Happiness’ ‘Self-Care September’ initiative and we are promoting it with our students, staff and parents all around the school!

See the Self-Care September calendar below:


Why is Self-Care important?

Many students tend to focus on the end results, for example, getting certain grades, passing a test, getting into a sports team, making friends with so and so, that they forget to spend time on focusing on themselves and on things that make them truly happy…

When realising that it’s okay to care for ourselves, and that it is essential for our mental and physical health – we also have a greater capacity to be there for others.

More Self-Care Tips:

Aside from checking the calendar on a daily basis, here are some more tips that can help us take care of ourselves during ‘Self-Care September’ and beyond:

  • Create technology free times/days in the week or month, such as screen-free Saturdays. It is a lovely day to take time out.
  • Take time for things you enjoy: swimming, yoga, music, being in nature, cycling, painting, baking bread, cooking.
  • Drink lots of water and eat well.
  • Cycle or walk more – physical exercise brings balance to the mind and body. It can help prepare for the day ahead or wind down from the day that’s been.
  • Have a friend or colleague you trust and can talk to and share your feelings with.
  • Spend 10-20 minutes every day keeping a journal – what went well in your day, what you would have liked to change. Daily Journaling can bring about self-support and boost your self-awareness.

So join us, take on the challenge this month and see if you can show kindness to yourself with these daily prompts and positive reminders!

Disclaimer: Article inspired by Karen Liebenguth – Action for Happiness

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