Our Work Experience programme is Going Virtual! 2020

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Our Work Experience programme is Going Virtual! 2020

We want our children to succeed. Therefore, the acquisition of skills that will allow our students to thrive in the world beyond school is of paramount importance. At Sunmarke, we are currently looking at delivering a virtual work experience programme at the end of Term 3 which caters to students in Year 7 and above.


Work Experience helps students make informed career choices and pathways. Secondary school work experience provides answers to the questions, “Why do I have to learn this?” and “Would I want to make this job a career?” By working beside experienced professionals, students will learn what it takes to enter and be successful in his or her field of interest. There are many ways for students to learn. Students can learn in the classroom, but sometimes learning becomes more meaningful when it is performed in a real work setting. Some examples of skills students may develop through participation in work experiences include:

  • Time management and meeting deadlines;
  • Following directions;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Interpersonal communication;
  • Responsibility; and
  • Leadership and working on a team

In 2019, over 120 Sunmarke students and 39 Dubai based companies belonging to our Sunmarke families participated in our work experience program. Our parent community provided meaningful work experiences for over 120 students in 2019 and we strongly encourage our parent community to continue to participate.

In short: participation allows organizations:

  1. The ability to provide a public service/corporate social responsibility initiative
  2. To learn from students, who may have a new or interesting perspective on an issue facing a company
  3. To support young people as they begin to pave their way towards their intended career paths

With your support, we can make this happen for our students. Any questions? Please contact Amber Singh, Career and Well Being Counselor at a.singh@forteseducation.com

Amber Singh
Careers Counselor
Sunmarke School