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“This graphic got me thinking….”

Sometimes, simple things help explain a wide range of phenomena.   If you’ve ever heard of the “Butterfly Effect” (the butterfly moves its wings….all else follows), then you know what I mean.  Or the Bell Curve – the Bell Curve can be used to categorize almost everything! –  then you know what I mean too.  And now this one, straight out of the MS Word Smart Art.


I used this graphic recently when discussing how we prepare students for the world of work at Fortes.   All those little dots (what you are doing during your school years), to the arrows (CV writing, Linked In Profiles, Work Experience) to the big dot:  the outcome:   university entrance and a career.  I think you can see the link.   I also used it in an assembly when we discussed how a “foundation” leads to an “entry level” job, which in itself is a foundation too: the Smart Art can replicate again.    It’s all of those purposeful things that we do that helps us reach our goals:  whether it is getting into your first choice GCSE options, 6th Form Options, university or first time ever paid job – it’s the little things that lead to the desired outcome.

This graphic stayed with me – this could be applied to such a range of situations.   My challenge to you, dear readers, is to fill this graphic with different words, and if you have the time, let me know what you came up with.    I am curious.  Maybe this blog will create a butterfly effect of its own.

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