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Bringing Life to Education – Benjamin Atkins

Our Teachers Don’t Just Teach. They Inspire!

Inspirational teaching creates learning experiences that last a lifetime.  At Fortes Education’s schools – Regent International School, Sunmarke School and the Jumeirah International Nursery Schools – we select our teachers not only for their teaching skills, but for their ability to spark the love of learning in students.

Our teachers lead very interesting lives and they bring to bear their experiences on their teaching. We recruit teachers and leaders who are inspirational role models and who ‘bring life to education’.

What could be more inspiring than being taught by a Guinness Record Holder!

Benjamin Atkins, one of our senior leaders, was awarded a Guinness World Record for teaching the World’s Largest Maths Class of 314 students about Pie Charts on March 14th, 2011, which is also known as Pi Day (3.14).  Incidentally, March 14thalso happens to be his birthday, so it probably is no surprise that he is good at numbers.

Though soft-spoken, Ben also served in the British Royal Air Force (VRT) as a Flying Officer. Further, he is also a qualified Range Officer, Weapons Instructor, and Archery Instructor.

Ben is also a holder of 3 Duke of Edinburgh Awards and has completed the “Three Peaks Challenge” climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in under 24 hours.  He pursues a keen interest in walking and trekking, thankfully not while in class ?

When students need motivation to extend themselves and develop their interests outside of school, they need only look to Ben for inspiration.

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