Launch of the Sunmarke Mandarin Academy

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International day

Sunmarke School launched the Sunmarke Mandarin Academy attended by Zhou Biao, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in UAE, Dr. Neil Hopkin, FRSA Director of Education of Fortes Education,. Shakuntala Mankani, Founder, Fortes Education and Ajay Mankani, Vice Chair & Executive Director Fortes Education on International Day. The Academy, led by Fiona McConnon, underlies the school’s belief in the importance of Mandarin learning and honouring Chinese culture in nurturing global citizens. With over 370 students studying native and non-native Mandarin, the programme will be expanded to Year 6 next year and further into Secondary School the following year. The launch also saw students engage in cultural showcases including the Dragon dance and rhythmic beats of Chinese drums, alongside captivating displays of Kung Fu, C-Pop and C-Jazz.