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In our EYFS department this is ‘Where Amazing Begins’. Every year of a child’s life is precious, but when it comes to development the first five years are the most important and lay the foundation for future progression. Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. This is where the EYFS department at Sunmarke shines…

Our unique philosophy and journey in EYFS is explained in the below Acrostic of the word ‘Amazing’.

A-Autonomy- At Sunmarke children are the centre of everything that we do; they have full control over their own learning. All projects stem directly from the children’s interests and every classroom is unique.

M-Mindset- We teach the children to have a ‘Growth Mindset’ and encourage them to believe anything is possible. We are passionate about developing the children of the future, incorporating elements of creativity and imagination in all that we do.

A-Academics- Following the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, we are building the foundations for each and every child’s future learning.

Z-Zest- Happiness is a key agenda for the whole of Sunmarke School, if a child is happy, more learning will take place.

I-Individuality- Every child is unique; with our personalised curriculum it is ensured that every child is on track to reach their fullest potential.

N-Nurture- We nurture every child to enable them to grow and reach their fullest potential.

G– Grow- Every child that enters into EYFS has a unique, incredible journey and it is wonderful to watch them grow and develop.

Don’t just take our word for it though, as our EYFS curriculum has been rated as ‘Very Good’ in our latest KHDA’s DSIB inspection report (2017) with ‘Personal Development, children’s attitudes and behaviour’ being rated as ‘Outstanding’.

EYFS Student Success Stories

“We have two children in Sunmarke EYFS.  Our eldest is in his second year in FS2, and our youngest has just moved from JINS nursery into FS1.  Our children have both blossomed and grown under the guidance and tuition of Sunmarke.  The quality of Sunmarke’s teaching is outstanding and the focus in EYFS is learning through play. They never stop amazing us with the imagination journeys they take the children on.  Every day our children come home and tell us they played.  This is so important to us, as our children are enjoying themselves, but learning in a very organic approach through things they love.

We value Sunmarke in that they teach our children at their level and as individuals. This is important to us, as both our children are following the KHDA school years and not the British school years.  With Sunmarke’s approach to teaching as individuals, children are not pushed beyond their years and are learning at the pace, approach and style that suits them.

The area that stands out to us every day is that whilst being part of a big school the EYFS Foundation Studies has its own entrance into a fun and engaging courtyard.  Every teacher knows the children’s names, and whilst they have the knowledge and expertise from being part of a big school campus, when in EYFS it is their own little village, purpose built to engage and create imagination play.  The EYFS is safe, nurturing and inspiring. It’s everything we want for our little one’s minds to blossom and grow.” – Jonathan and  Naomi Warmington, EYFS Parents

“I have 2 girls enrolled in Sunmarke School, a 5 year old in year 1 and a 3 year old in FS1 and have had the pleasure of being part of the committee for 2 years. The school overall has one of the most refreshing approaches to the children’s learning, allowing them to learn from each other and by discovery, instead of a text book dictated to them.

In EYFS the individual approach to the children is visible and this allows each child to maximize their development, regardless of where they are against their peers. This simply strategy has allowed my daughter to make progress we never dreamed possible in just 2 years, despite being diagnosed with autism.
From Teachers to Leadership, all of the staff work hard to support the children and engage the parent to make the most of these very precious learning years.

I am very grateful to all of the staff and look forward to many years of happy schooling.” – Naomi Diria, EYFS Parent

To learn more about Sunmarke’s EYFS department, to view our learning space and to witness our students’ learning in action, schedule a school tour today and discover where amazing begins!

Linzi Hammond
Head of EYFS
Sunmarke School

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