Sunmarke School students excel in GCSE, A Level and BTEC exams

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Sunmarke School students excel in GCSE, A Level and BTEC exams

Sunmarke School has received outstanding examination results for the third year in a row, with our cohort of BTEC students also excelling in the first year of the school’s BTEC Level 3 pathway.


Principal Dr Neil Hopkin said, “We are so proud of our amazing students and staff, whose achievements are celebrated in these excellent results. At Sunmarke School we personalise our programme so that each student is perfectly positioned to achieve their very best possible outcomes.”

Raising the bar

In core GCSE subjects (English, Mathematics and Sciences) students gained outstanding results, with over 80% of the grades awarded at A*- B (9-5) of which, more than half of these were A*- A (9-7). Overall, 47% of all GCSEs were awarded A*- A (9-7), 80% were A*- B (9-5) and 90% of all grades were A*- C (9-4) (this is a percentage of all exam entries).

Our highest attaining subject, Business Studies, saw students attain 82% A*- A (9-8) in the popular course studied by over two thirds of our students.

A Level students continue to perform with outstanding grades across the Humanities, Arts and the Sciences as Sunmarke School’s Year 13 cohort more than doubled in size in the school’s third year of operation. 29% of all A Levels were awarded A*- A, 52% were A*- B. 78% of were A*- C and 99% were A*- E (this is a percentage of all exam entries).

Top performing students at GCSE include:

  • Polina Komar, Laura Bekink, Camilla Marzorati, Luiza Reis, Wen Lin Kwok and Andrej Vrtanoski who all gained 10 or more A* (9-8) grades







Top performing students at A Level & BTEC Level 3 include:

  • Masenesa Shnaib who achieved an A*ABB in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Dunyasha Yattogoda who achieved an A*A*A in Business, Sociology, and English
  • Amaan Sayed who achieved A*A*B in Maths, Physics and Computer Science
  • Ibrahim Abi-aad was awarded with a Distinction Star (*) Distinction in BTEC Business, and a Distinction and Merit in BTEC Travel and Tourism





BTEC Level 3 students also gained outstanding results with 58% of all BTEC students achieving a Distinction Star (*) and Distinction, whilst 85% were awarded with Distinction Star (*) to Merit and 100% of all BTECs were awarded Distinction Star (*) To Pass. A Distinction Star (*) is the equivalent of an A* at A Level for University admissions.

Jason King, Head of Secondary said, “We are delighted with the performance of all of our students, and wish our graduating students, many of whom are set to attend their first-choice university next year, all the best in the next step of their educational journey.”

Commenting further on our continued success, Principal Dr Neil Hopkin said, “Sunmarke School now offers over 60 different courses across five career pathways for students aged 14 and above to cater to individual student goals. It remains one of the only schools in the UAE and the world to be able to offer the IB Diploma and IB Career-related Programme in Years 12 and 13, in addition to A Levels and BTECs.”

The excellent performance of our BTEC students, gives us an unrivalled position prior to the launch of the International Baccalaureate Diploma and Career-Related pathways that start this academic year 2019-20.

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