How to get ready for distance learning?

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How to get ready for distance learning?

Here is a quick checklist to get your child ready to make the switch to remote learning.

As countries around the world are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, many schools have sprung into action, quickly migrating their entire curriculum online. At Sunmarke School, we want to ensure that we make remote learning not just effective but also engaging and interactive for your child. We have devised exciting opportunities that are going to help us extend learning outside the walls of our classrooms and into the homes of our students. But before that, we want to ensure that your child has a conducive environment to begin remote learning.


Set up a dedicated study space for your child
Talk to your child to understand where you could set-up a study area for them. This place should be well-lit and ideally free from all distractions such as the TV, gaming consoles, etc. You may place some of the essential items that a child might need in this area or on the table or desk that they plan on using. For some children, this could be any space that they feel comfortable in and can be productive. Make sure they are decently dressed as during some lessons the teacher will request a class to switch on the video conferencing mode.

Access to devices and reliable internet
Please ensure that your child’s devices have access a reliable internet connection before they go entirely digital. At Sunmarke School, our lessons will offer a mix of digital and analog tasks to complete in order to ensure all students have access to the activities and curriculum. We have to admit, technology does offer us some engaging and fun ways to extend our classroom beyond your walls!

Prepare a schedule and stick to it
This should be no different from a regular school day. Our virtual learning will start and end as per school timings. It is important that your child follow this as they were attending class on the campus. Your child will need to log onto the course/school web site to stay on top of assignments, discussion forums, etc. Your child will need to check their Teams Messages frequently for messages from their teachers or from other classmates.

Reward and motivate your child
As a parent, you know what motivates your child. On reaching a certain milestone or completing a task or project, reward your child.

Video read alouds for our younger pupils
One of our favorite ways to use technology, is to engage families at home, is to offer video read alouds for our younger pupils. You may play a read aloud book video that connects to your child’s learning. This way you will also be able to pause, point things out to your child, and ask questions.

Teachers are online to support and monitor progress
Your child should contact their teachers regularly, especially if they are having difficulties or have questions about coursework. Teachers love hearing from their students! Please encourage your child to interact with their teachers. This connection is vital and it benefits the child on so many levels!

Stay healthy and charged
Learning from home can be a new experience for your child. Encourage them to take breaks between lessons to stretch, hydrate, or just unplug.

Just like they would in a regular classroom situation, your child will be required to conduct independent study or collaborate for projects during remote learning. This means taking notes, studying, discussing via video calls and following through. We understand that this new way of learning will present a set of challenges that are new to everyone, our team is available to answer any questions you have around remote learning via the VLE. We hope to help make this transition as easy on you and your family as possible.