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An honest take on remote learning by a Parent

Giving credit where it is due.

I was always skeptical of how this next generation would function, when it would be time for them to take over the world. How do you trust a generation that is sending Snapchat streaks, posting selfies, constantly wearing headphones, and always on Spotify?


But this week, as UAE schools commenced distance learning, I am amazed at how quickly these kids have adapted. They are just so at ease with technology, in fact technology gets them excited. It took them less than a couple of hours to get up to speed with this new way of learning. There has been no whining (“Argh, why do I have to do it this way?”), no anxiety (“Oh my God, how do I do this?”) and definitely no pessimism (“I am sure this won’t work.”). On the contrary they have been enthusiastic and happy to connect with their school friends and teachers again.

They follow their school schedule – one class after the other. Microsoft Teams, One Note, See Saw and many other apps are being used efficiently to make sure education is not hindered in these trying times. Work is posted by the teachers, and diligently completed by the children and then posted back for the teacher to correct.

I really need to digress for a second here and thank the teachers and the school’s technical staff who put this together. I heard my son, on a voice call with his friend – together completing some of the assignments. When they were confused over a problem, they made a voice call to the teacher, who assisted them with the right answer. My daughter had an entire Art class on video, with the teacher giving directions and the student completing work while discussing ideas together. This was happening so seamlessly that I did not feel like they were remote learning – I felt like I was sitting in their classrooms.

We don’t know for how long this will continue. But I know that these kids are now equipped with the most essential skill – adaptability. So whatever new challenges are thrown at them, they will continue with aplomb. All we need to do, is to learn from them to be positive and not bring them down with our negative talk.

So here’s to the next generation! I see pessimistic posts on social media from people of my generation wondering if the world will end now. I am a hundred percent sure it will not. There is so much yet to be achieved by these brilliant minds. Earth has not pressed Reset, it surely has pressed Pause. And when it’s back to Play, I promise myself I will look at these kids with much more respect – give credit where it’s due.

Contributed by Anu Athalye Pisal, a Sunmarke Parent.

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