Sunmarke Appoints 2021 Head Students

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Sunmarke Appoints 2021 Head Students

Sunmarke is excited to announce it’s 2020 Head Girl and Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Boy, and Senior Prefects!

These positions require students, who are all in Year 12, to represent the school as ambassadors, share their ideas with the school’s leadership teams, create an important communication link between teachers and students and use their initiative when helping with various projects throughout the school.

Each student underwent a tough interview process and online presentation last week and we would therefore like to congratulate: Sarah Buckley (Head Girl), Takunda Nyamupa (Head Boy), Diya Wadhwani (Deputy Head Girl), Imara Mwadzaya (Deputy Head Boy), Trinidad Santos (Senior Prefect) and Vishesh Verma (Senior Prefect) on their great achievement! We wish them the very best in their new roles!

Here are their hopes and aspirations for the coming year…

6_Tigers_1_Buckley_Sarah_003329SARAH BUCKLEY – HEAD GIRL
Sarah would like to act as a microphone for her peers, amplifying other students’ voices to the rest of the school community. Coming from a sports orientated family, and being the Captain of Girls Football team, Sarah wants to apply the morals of great sportsmanship such as leadership and respect that have been ingrained into her. Having joined the Sports Heroes Academy, peer-coaching sports programme at Sunmarke, in 2016, she has discovered a passion for helping people and she wants to be someone that her peers can talk to no matter the circumstances; a role model for younger students and a friend for many.

6_Leopards_1_Nyamupa_Takunda_001101TAKUNDA NYAMUPA – HEAD BOY
Takunda has learnt important traits and values since his time as Sunmarke such as teamwork and cooperation, commitment and perseverance, and has benefited from his teachers encouraging students to be the best version of themselves. He is dedicated and eager to fulfil his new role as Head Boy, to be an extension of his peers’ opinions and wants to ensure that his peers feel happy, respected and in the best environment where they can excel.

6_Lions_2_Wadhwani_Diya_000313DIYA WADHWANI – DEPUTY HEAD GIRL
Formally a Regent International School, Diya has spent 14 years of her educational life within Fortes Education. Now in Sixth Form at Sunmarke School, she hopes to share her experiences, lessons and best practices with all her peers to help them make the most of their opportunities at Sunmarke. From being a Peer Counselor and a Peer Rep previously, she aims to be there for others and work with the teaching staff to fulfil their needs.

6_Panthers_3_Mwadzaya_Imara_Mboga_002756IMARA MWADZAYA – DEPUTY HEAD BOY
Imara has a raw passion for helping his peers to succeed. This has already been shown through his initiative to increase the time that library books can borrowed as well as extending the library hours to enable his fellow students to balance their workloads. He hopes to make changes that matter the most for his peers at Sunmarke School.

6_Leopards_2_Dos_Santos_E_Silva_Trinidad_000435TRINIDAD  SANTOS SENIOR PREFECT
Trindad has been part of Fortes Education for 12 years. She wants to thank Sunmarke for shaping her into the person she is today and to give back to the school community. She wants everyone to feel equal and hopes that she can be someone that her peers see as relatable and approachable in order to share their opinions and get their voices heard.

6_Leopards_3_Verma_Vishesh_004953VISHESH VERMA – SENIOR PREFECT
Vishesh sees this opportunity as a way to become a more selfless version of himself and to serve others. His ‘Read to Feed’ programme in association with Dubai Cares has already raised funds to help those in need. He believes that teamwork is crucial to bringing out each student’s best capabilities and has learnt that nothing grows in our comfort zone. He looks forward to guiding and helping people achieve their goals.