Growing in Gratitude

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Growing in Gratitude

Shukran. A word that rolls off our tongue and carries such meaning. Thank you. Teaching our child to be thankful to others is a big part of parenthood. It is a milestone that we reach and are happy to have reached it. Our little bundle of joy has acknowledged the work of someone else and is building on that relationship. But is gratitude more than just saying thank you? True gratitude can be separated into four parts:


  • What we NOTICE in our lives for which we can be grateful
  • How we THINK about why we have been given those things
  • How we FEEL about the things we have been given
  • What we DO to express appreciation in turn

Dr. Robert Emmons is the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude. He carried out a range of studies involving gratitude journals and found that when people regularly engage in gratitude, they experience measurable psychological, physical, and interpersonal benefits. These benefits included:

  1. Improved feelings about their life in general
  2. Higher levels of positive emotions such as optimism, enthusiasm and love
  3. People were kinder to each other
  4. Less painful or physical complaints
  5. An increased desire to exercise or eat better
  6. Sleeping better at night

With practise, we can train ourselves to see the world more positively. Gratitude is like a flower. We can nurture it to make it grow. This workshop will give you simple ways to become more grateful with your children and families. You will learn how to cultivate that famous “attitude of gratitude” as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the scientific research behind it.

Join us for a Wellness Wednesday session on Wednesday 27th February at Sunmarke School, 8:00 -9:30 am, as we focus on identifying ways to create more gratitude in yourself and your children.

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Emma Freese
School Counsellor
Fortes Education

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