Your mental wellbeing begins with you!

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Your mental wellbeing begins with you!

Ms. Fatimah Abdullah, Counsellor, Sunmarke School, elaborates on three key elements to help you take control of your personal mental health


Emotions– Children and adults are not spared from having to deal with big emotions. Whether it might be stressing over an upcoming exam, or it could even be excitement over something special. The predominant model proposes that people have a standard set of emotions—anger, sadness, fear, disgust, interest, and happiness —and that each one corresponds to a clearly defined pattern of brain activity and behavior. But what do we do when our emotions becomes so big that it gets in the way of our executive functioning, our ability to think clearly and make rational decisions? Research shows that dis-regulation of our emotions affects how we function and how we interact with other people. The first stage of every situation is accepting where you stand, “name it to tame it’. When you are able to assess how you feel and you acknowledge your feelings, it becomes easier to deal with. Identify why you are experiencing emotional. It is important to take a few minutes to figure out why you are feeling the way you feel in order to establish what to do about it. Talk to someone you trust, reaching out to a friend or family member helps to get perspective.

Boundaries– All healthy relationships require personal space to be yourself and to maintain your personal integrity. Some people struggle with setting
boundaries or lack of self-esteem, or fear a loss of a relationship could have their boundaries violated. Be aware of what you as an individual will and will not tolerate and remain firm on decisions. Learn to say ‘No’, you can be kind and assertive at the same time.

Self-worth/ confidence– Measuring the self against others is a common trait of the human mind, and in some ways, it can be helpful. The inspiration you feel about someone else’s achievements can motivate you to improve your own life, but comparisons can be harmful when they leave you feeling chronically inferior, inadequate or depressed. Social psychologists encourage connection rather than comparison, because it enables to see an individual according to their own narrative. Focus on your blessings and compare yourself to only to you.

Let’s raise awareness on the importance of personal mental health. Share this article with your friends and loved one’s too.

Remember, you have to take the first step, and understanding the points above will help you work towards better mental health and wellbeing.

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