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Elite Sports Academy Camps – A happy, healthy child

School’s out and if you’re wondering how to keep the kids entertained over the Winter holidays, read on…

Let them burn off energy and find new interests at the Elite Sports Winter Camp based at Sunmarke & Regent International School!

It’s more than just a camp…so here’s how the Elite Sports Camp will help your child:

1. Physical activities = health & wellbeing

Physical activity can strengthen a child’s muscles and bones, prevent excessive weight gain, and reduce the risk of diseases and other medical conditions, however, physical activity is also beneficial to the mental health of a child.

Experts say physical activity allows children to have a better outlook on life by building confidence, managing anxiety and depression, and increasing self-esteem and cognitive skills.

“Exercise also releases endorphins, which correlates to a happy child,” said Len Saunders, physical health educator, and author of “Keeping Kids Fit”.

Elites Camps are based on the concept that children will be having so much fun, they are unaware at just how much information is being retained to improve their ability.

2. Organised sport ‘improves your School Life’

Organised extracurricular sport activities for children help them develop and improve cognitive skills, such as greater concentration capacity, that can in term greatly help them in the classroom, says Université de Montréal professor Linda Pagani.

We agree, as concentration and awareness are massively improved by participating in sport. Our gymnastics games such as ‘Minefield’ promotes concentration to commit to moves that require balance and determination. Within the game we use instructions from team mates to enable them to navigate their way and complete tasks.

3. Social awareness and forming friendships

Communication is the foundation of any good relationship.

Our ability to communicate effectively and appropriately is how we relate to others and welcome them to understand us. It can be as basic as remembering peoples’ names to engaging in thoughtful conversations. We encourage our kids before they even learn how to talk, how to communicate.

We actively encourage students that have been with Elite at previous camps to befriend new students and take them under their wing. Each day we select new teams to encourage the children to meet new children with team games helping to build confidence in teammates and to reinforce how important it is to ‘rely on’ and ‘be reliable’.

Some children know how to approach a group and ask to join the fun; for other kids, this doesn’t come to them naturally. Sports is the perfect channel for kids to learn how to approach others and work with them. They learn about the parts that they play. Are they a leader or a role player? They learn about the value of being both when it comes to team sports which they can later apply in life.

4. Leadership & Confidence

Discovering how to assert yourself is one of the most challenging skills kids should learn. Just as there are aggressive children; there are kids that are more vulnerable and will often be bullied for it. Sports can help build a child’s confidence and prepare them for later life. Team sports will teach kids the difference between being aggressive and assertive. The competitive atmosphere of sports is a good training ground for building one’s confidence to achieve a goal.

Children aged 4 – 14 will enjoy six different activities every day at Elite Sports Camp. The camps focus on fun, team work, communication & technical improvement in a safe and friendly environment. Above all else it’s a great opportunity for the kids to make friends and stay active.

Sign them up and speak with our talented and dedicated coaches who will teach sessions in Football, Basketball, Dodgeball, Hockey, Cricket & much more.

A physically active child is a healthy child!

Register NOW!

Parents can register kids for a week, days or even random half days. A full days lasts from 8.30am to 3.30pm and 8.30am-12pm or 12pm-3.30pm for a half day. The latter costs AED 165, or pay AED 220 a day or AED 840 a week. Register @ www.elitesports.ae or call 04 554 5218

Steven Whittaker
Elite Sports Director

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