Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

All You Want To Know About The School And Its Facilities

We have compiled a list of questions that parents are most likely to ask us in the early stages of the application process – we hope you find it useful.  Should you have any other questions, please get in touch with our Family Happiness Team and we will be happy to help.

How do I enrol my child?

Enrolment for 2023-24 – New families

1)  Can I come in for a school tour with my family?

We are now able to conduct school tours for prospective students and their parents.

2) KHDA Parent School Contract

To prepare for enrolment into the new academic year 2023-24,  please note that:

Students can only attend school in the new academic year if they are registered in the KHDA School System and parents have signed the Parent-School Contract. Please download the Dubai Now App which will enable you to sign the Parent/School Contract online. This only needs to be signed by parents of students who are new to the school.

3) Documents for Registering at Sunmarke School

If you are a new family, joining the school for 2023-24,  please ensure that all pending documentation for your child is submitted to the Admissions department at Sunmarke School.

Documents that should be submitted to the school are:

  • Letter of current enrolment at school (Year 2 Up)
  • Transfer Certificate (Attested by UAE Embassy)
  • School reference letter (Year 2 Up)
  • School Reports – 2022-23 (Year 2 Up)
  • 1 Passport Size Coloured Photo ( Student and both Parents)
  • Student Passport Copy
  • Student UAE Visa Copy
  • Sponsoring Parents Passport and UAE Visa Copy
  • Birth Certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • Student’s Emirates ID Card (back & Front)
  • Sponsoring Parent Emirates ID card (back & Front)
  • Vaccination & Immunisation Record Copy
  • DHA Medical & Immunisation Consent form

4) Age Cut-Off Dates

New students must be enrolled in their respective age groups as per the ministerial decree (820) of 2014.

The cut-off date is 31st August without exception.

The table below shows the age/year-group information of students aged 3 to 6. Sunmarke School is required to comply with the age/year-group criteria and the cut-off date as per the ministerial decree.

Year FS1 FS2 Year 1 Year 2
Age by 31st August 3 4 5 6

This is a federal law and we are not able to consider any exemption requests.


What are the KHDA guidelines for Admissions and Transfers?

Click here to read Guidelines for Admissions and Transfers by KHDA.


What are the age requirements for AY 2023-24?

1. What are the changes to the age requirements for entry to Sunmarke School?

Age requirements will change for new students enroled into FS1, according to the UAE Ministry of Education Resolution no (24).

Children enroling into FS1, starting in September, must be three years old on or before the 31st of August.

Children enroling into FS2, starting in September, must be four years old on or before the 31st of August.

Similarly, children enroling into Year 1, starting school in September, must be five years old on or before the 31st of August.

The MOE resolution stipulates that all students currently enroled at private schools in the UAE are not affected by the change. This includes students who enrol for the final term of the 2023/24  academic year.
Schools that start the academic year in September, in line with MOE Resolution no (24).

Year Group Age requirement
Foundation Stage 1 3 years old by August 31st
Foundation Stage 2 4 years old by August 31st
Year 1 5 years old by August 31
Year 2 6 years old by August 31

2. When did this change come into effect?

This change was applicable from the start of the 2021/22 academic year in September 2021.

3. Why was this change made?

This decision was made to bring more consistency to the cut-off dates used by schools in the UAE with those used by schools abroad. For example, UK schools in the UAE will now have the same cut-off date as schools in the UK, and international British schools.

4.Who will this change impact?

This change will impact children up to six years old who are enrolling in school for the first time.

5. Will the new cut-off date apply to all year groups?

It will apply to new students enrolling in FS1, FS2, Year 1 and Year 2 in all schools in the UAE, as stipulated in the MOE resolution.

6. My child was born in October and is now in FS1 – I want to enrol him in another school for FS2. Can I do this or does he have to repeat a year?

Because your child is already enroled in school, the new cut-off dates in the MOE resolution do not apply. He does not have to repeat the year.

7. My son was enroled in FS1 this year but I withdrew his enrolment due to COVID-19. He’ll be 3 years old in September. Can I still enrol him in FS2 next year?

Your child must have formally finished the previous academic year in order to enrol in the next one. Since he does not meet the age requirement for FS2 for next academic year, he must enrol in FS1. According to the MOE resolution, he can enrol in FS2 next academic year only if he completes FS1 this academic year.

8. My daughter will be 4 years old in December. If I enrol her in FS2 for the last term of this year – before the changes come into effect – will she be able to start Year 1 next year?

Yes. The new age requirements will apply for new students from the start of the next academic year only. The MOE resolution stipulates that all students currently enroled at private schools in the UAE are not affected by the change.

9. I’ve already registered and paid the deposit for my daughter to start school in FS2 in September. She will be four years old in November. Is she affected by this?

According to the new cut-off dates in the MOE resolution, your daughter will not be able to start in FS2 in September. Alternatively, we would be happy to transfer your child’s application to their age-appropriate year group (FS1) and register your child for this year group instead.

Parents whose children are affected by the new cut-off dates and who have already paid deposits for their children’s enrolment are entitled to a refund if they wish.

10. My child was born one day after the cut-off date. Is there some leeway given?

No exceptions to the cut-off dates will be given under any circumstances


How do I book Assessments for entry 2023-24 AY?

Admissions are now open for applications for 2023-24 AY* entry.

The 2023-2024 Assessment Diary is Open – We are now booking assessments for year groups FS1 & FS2, Year 1 to 10 and Year 12.

Please contact the Sunmarke Admissions Office to confirm your child’s assessment date.

For students currently overseas: For students in current Year 6 and above we can offer Assessment at the current school attended.

Please contact us to find out more. Students transferring from UK schools in all years, please contact us directly for more details.


Can my child be assessed before arriving into Dubai?

For Students entering Year 7 and above, assessment can be offered at the current school attended if that school is willing to administer the test under examination conditions.

The assessment will be the same as that taken by our local students with the addition of a Skype interview.

You will need to provide registration, a letter of enrolment, the latest school report, and a recommendation form by the date of assessment.

For students transferring from UK schools please contact admissions directly to discuss your application.

What are the tuition fees for FS1- Year 13 (2023-24)?

Tuition Fees

Click here to view the Tuition Fees: New Students – FS1 to Year 13 – 2023-24


What are the KHDA document fees?

Tariff for the following KHDA services as stipulated by KHDA:

  • Request for student Education Continuation Certificate for visa renewal (AED 120)
  • Request for student leaving form for the students who are leaving Dubai (AED 120)
  • Request for student transfer between private schools (within the stipulated time frame)-Student transfer (AED 120)
  • Request for student transfer between private schools (after the stipulated time frame)-Student transfer (AED 520)
  • Request for attestation of student certificate or report card (120 AED).
  • Issuance of ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ certificate for matters related to School – Attestation (AED 120)
  • Issuance of ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ certificate for matters related to Students – Academic History (AED 120)
  • Request to change student data at the Authority – Student exam grade amendment (AED 120)

In case any of the above services are required, please make payment of the respective amount with our school accounts office before collecting the document listed above.

Can my child with special education needs attend Sunmarke school?

Can my child with special education needs attend Sunmarke school?

At Sunmarke, we exercise a positive and inclusive admissions policy. Candidates will each be given due consideration on a case-by-case basis, and we will take into account the capacity of the premises, staff and curriculum pathways to effectively meet the needs of the individual.

Our Achievement Centre offers a broad range of additional support for students with SEND, including targeted support in language, maths, literacy, and functional independence. We are currently working to develop our range of alternative curriculum pathways for Key Stages 2, 3, and 4 so that, in time, we can offer an appropriate pathway for every learner.

What is Year 7 and Year 8 Life skills Pathway?

1. Is it approved by the Ministry of Education?

It is a mainstream curriculum, supplemented by ASDAN modules. As it is a supplemented curriculum which focuses on reduced teachers, as per KHDA, there is no need for permission for this pathway as it falls under our current education licence.

2. What are the timings if my son is enroled in this program?

The timings are that of the normal school day, unless the student has additional needs or commitments outside of school that need to be met. As a KHDA accredited Rahhal provider, we can review timings to meet the student’s needs.

3. What is the cost for LSA? 

Costs are an estimate range until all students are enroled.

4. What would be mentioned in the invoice for this program? Is it “Tuition fee”?

School fees are billed as normal. Parents will then have to sign a KHDA Individual Service Agreement for the LSA cost. This will then be a separate invoice.

5 How will I enrol my child?

Our SENCO will assess the student before we can accept to ensure we can meet their needs in this class. It is a pathway that supports access to the mainstream and we can’t cater for severe needs.

For more information on the pathway, please click here

What is the Assessment, Registration, and Re-enrolment fees for Regent International School students transferring to Sunmarke School?

What is the Assessment, Registration, and Re-enrolment fees for Regent International School students transferring to Sunmarke School?

Students transferring to Sunmarke School from Regent International School, will not be required to pay additional Assessment or Registration fees. Transferring students are only required to complete the RIS Re-Enrollment Form and pay the 5 % re-enrolment fee by the start of the third term each year to secure their seat.


What are the tuition fees and discounts for Regent International School transfers to Sunmarke school for FS1-Year 13 (2022-23)?

Fee Structure – Transferring students from Regent International School to Sunmarke School

Application Fee Dhs.525/- – Not chargeable
Re-enrollment Fee (Existing Students) 5% of Tuition Fee – Non-refundable, adjusted against the 1st Term’s Tuition Fee, 1st day of Term3


Transferring RIS Students Phase Tuition Fees
Year Group Discounted Tuition Fees for students transferring from Year 6 at Regent
Foundation 1 46,700
Foundation 2 51,900
Year 1 58,548
Year 2 58,548
Year 3 59,619
Year 4 59,619
Year 5 59,619
Year 6 59,619
Year 7 67,290
Year 8 67,290
Year 9 67,290
Year 10 69,397
Year 11 69,397
Year 12 70,276
Year 13 70,276

Additional Benefits:
Sibling Discounts: 1st Sibling 5%, 2nd Sibling 10%, 3rd Sibling 10%, 4th Sibling 10%. The sibling discount scheme is available to those siblings from the same family who enrol at the school for one full academic year. The sibling discount is applicable to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th child from the same family. The amount of the discount is calculated off the actual Tuition Fee paid of the child who pays the lowest tuition fee amongst the siblings enrolled at the school. The maximum discount per family cannot exceed 35% of the lowest paying sibling’s Tuition Fee.

Payment can be made via wire transfer to the following account: Re-enrolment   15th December
Account Name : SUNMARKE SCHOOL LLC Autumn Term 01st August
Account Number : 12000921414 Spring Term 15th November
Bank Name : National Bank of Fujairah PJSC Summer Term 15th February
Branch : Jebel Ali    
IBAN # : AE220380000012000921414    
Remarks :      

Please email proof of all payments to:   accounts.sms@sunmarkedubai.com, and cc:   officemanager.sms@forteseducation.com    &    registrar.sms@forteseducation.com

Additional Fees (charged separately from Tuition Fee):

  •  Optional Transportation Services via 3rd Party Service Provider;
  •  Optional Dining Services via 3rd Party Service Provider;
  •  Optional After-School Activities provided by 3rd Party Service Providers;
  •  School Uniforms;
  •  Educational Visits;

School Fees are subject to change in accordance with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Fees Framework


What are the sibling discounts if siblings are at both Sunmarke School and Regent International School for 2022-23?

In cases where the eldest sibling transfers to the secondary phase at Sunmarke School, but the FS and Primary Phase siblings stay at Regent International School the following discount policy will be applied on full-year attendance:

Example 1:

  • Eldest Child (1st Child in the family) – Attending Sunmarke: No Discount
  • 2nd Child from the same family (Sibling 1 at SMS): 5% deducted from  3rd Term Tuition fee as per SMS Policy
  • 3rd Child from the same family (Sibling 2 at SMS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition fee as per SMS Policy
  • 4th Child from the same family (Sibling 3 at SMS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition Fee as per SMS Policy
  • 5th Child from the same family (Sibling 4 at SMS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition Fee as per SMS Policy

Example 2:

  • Eldest Child (1st Child in the family) – Attending Sunmarke School: No Discount
  • 2nd Child from the same family (Sibling 1 at RIS): 5% deducted from  3rd Term Tuition fee as per RIS Policy
  • 3rd Child from the same family (Sibling 2 at RIS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition fee as per RIS Policy
  • 4th Child from the same family (Sibling 3 at RIS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition Fee as per RIS Policy
  • 5th Child from the same family (Sibling 4 at RIS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition Fee as per RIS Policy

*Please note, that these discounts will be applied to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th siblings 3rd Term of joining actual Tuition Fee. The maximum discount per family is equal to 35% of the lowest sibling’s tuition fee.


What is the Sunmarke School and Regent International School returning students -Founders Fee entitlement?

If a Regent International School or Sunmarke School student leaves the school but returns to the School before the end of one (1) academic term, they will keep their entitlement to the Regent International School Transfers to Sunmarke School Tuition Fee Structure. If more than one Term passes, then the student will be considered a New Student and will be required to pay the New Students Fee Structure as applicable to their group of re-entry.

What are the facilities you offer?

What are the facilities you offer?

We have state-of-the-art facilities on offer with special attention paid to athletics, the arts and the latest technological advancements. Below is an indication of the amenities provided to our students.


IFA- 18 Sized Football Pitch
200 Meter Athletics Running Track
Two Swimming Pools
Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and Netball Courts
Two Expansive Multipurpose Halls
Three Fine Arts Labs
Dedicated Drama Studio
600 Seat Auditorium
Four Music Labs
TV & Radio Production Studios
Nine World-Class Science Labs
Five Design Technology Labs
Three Libraries with Media Centres

What is the class capacity?

Class Sizes for Academic Year 2023-24:

To ensure each student receives the individualised care he/she deserves, we cap classes based on the year. Below is a breakdown of student-to-teacher ratios by year:

 Year Group FS1 FS2 – Y1 Y2 – Y6 Y7 – Y9 Y10 – Y11 Y12 – Y13
Maximum number of students 22 24 26 26 26 26

At the end of each academic year, it is the school’s policy to mix and reallocate all classes throughout the school. This process is undertaken to ensure the even spread of age, gender, nationality, and ability across the classes.


What nationalities make up the school body?

Sunmarke is a truly international school with a focus on fostering diversity and nurturing talent. Sunmarke continues in Regent International‘s tradition with regards to enrolment with 90+ nationalities represented with the largest percentage hailing from the U.K.


What are the school timings?

Year Group Timings
Foundation Stage 1

Monday to Thursday 7:40 am – 1:00 pm

Friday 7:40 am – 11:30 am

Foundation Stage 2

Monday to Thursday 7:40 am – 1:30 pm

Friday 7:40 am – 11:30 am

Primary (Year 1 to 6)

Monday to Thursday 7:40 am – 3:30 pm

Friday 7:40 am – 11:45 pm

Secondary (Year 7 to 13)

Monday to Thursday 7:40 am – 3:30 pm

Friday 7:40 am – 11:45 pm

For detailed EYFS & Primary timings click here

For detailed Secondary & Sixth Form timings click here

What school transport is offered?

What school transport is offered?

A bus service is in operation at Sunmarke School. The details of this service, route and fees, are now available from the Transport Manager’s Office on the Ground Floor. For more information on bus fees, please click here. 

For more information on our routes and the health & safety protocols for our buses, please click here.


What is the pickup/drop off timings?

School Transport Timings

Bus start times remain the same. For drop-off, buses will leave from the school at the following times

Year Group Timings
EYFS Monday to Thursday 1:30 pm
Friday 12:15 pm onwards
Primary (Year 1 to 6) Monday to Thursday 3:30 pm onwards
Friday 12.15 pm onwards
Secondary (Year 7 to 13) Monday to Thursday 3:30 pm onwards
Friday 12:15 pm onwards

Further communication on this will be shared by our transportation department.

How do I order food for my child?

1. How do I book the service? 

Booking can only be done for EYFS and Primary students.  Secondary students can go directly to the canteen to select their food and make payment.

EYFS and Primary parents need to pre-book their order in advance via the link provided http://form.jotform.com/Mastercook/Sunmarke-stripe and lunch will be delivered in their class.

2. What is the price for lunch? 

Lunch is priced at AED24.25 this includes the main lunch and a dessert.

3. What is the menu like?  

Please click TERM MENU to see current available menu.

Alternatively, secondary students can check out our GRAB AND GO menu.

4. Do you offer special meal plans?  

As a nut-free school, all meals are prepared using nut-free products.  We also offer bespoke menus for students with special dietary needs, including gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.  For this request, please contact coordinator@mastercook.ae for a specialised price and to discuss options.

5. Does your menu contain allergen information?

As per Dubai Municipality guidelines, we follow their standard of menu labels that include the ingredients, allergens, and calorie content. The menu also has a specialised coding that identifies the contents of the meal, allowing our students to check if it contains something they are allergic to. Please communicate this to your child if they are in Secondary school.

tick-icon1 (1)  With Lactose tick-icon1 (1)  With Egg
tick-icon1 (1)  With gluten tick-icon1 (1)  Seafood
tick-icon1 (1)  With Soy tick-icon1 (1)  Vegetarian

6. Can my child buy food at the Grab & Go counter?

This option caters only to our Secondary school students and staff. The Grab & Go section of the dining services is exactly what it is – you grab the food, make the payment, and go on with your daily activity.  We always ensure that there is a menu suitable for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

7. What are the canteen timings?

The canteen is open from 7am to 3.30 pm Monday to Thursday and 7am to 12:00 noon on Friday. Please note that only the Grab and Go section of the canteen is open on Friday. 

8. Is breakfast available in the canteen?

A healthy breakfast, via the Grab and Go section, is available daily from 7am. Secondary school students can only use the canteen at break time and lunchtime.

9. What time are the dining services available and when is lunch delivered to EYFS and Primary students?

The lunch period for various year groups is listed as per the below timetable.  For EYFS and Primary students, lunch will be delivered to their classroom prior to their scheduled lunch break.  All the delivered lunches will have the names clearly labelled on them so that teachers can easily identify and distribute them to the children during lunchtime.

Phases   Mondays to Thursdays Fridays
Secondary Break 09:40am – 09:55am  9:40am – 9:55am
Lunch 12:40pm – 01:40pm Not available
Primary Key Stage 1 (Y1-2) Break 09:40am – 09:55pm 9:40am – 9:55am
Lunch 10:50am – 11:45am Not available
Primary Key Stage 2 (Y3- 6) Break  09:40am – 09:55am 9:40am – 9:55am
Lunch 11:45am – 12:40pm Not available
EYFS Break  09:40am – 09:55am Not available
Lunch From 11:45am Not available

10. How do I pay for my child’s lunch?

For EYFS and Primary students, parents can pay upon confirming their order.  For secondary, payments can be made using their credit card/apple pay / google pay/cash.

11. What if I forgot to place order can you still give my child her/his food?

We understand that parents can get busy and at times forget to make lunch, for this one time emergency situation, we suggest you contact Mastercook – Person in Charge- Ms Karen directly on +971566180756 and she will be happy to assist you for the day.

12. Who do I contact for any queries, suggestions, and clarifications?

The Mastercook catering team is happy to assist parents with their queries and for clarification. Please reach out to Karen from Mastercook on +971 52 618 0756 (mobile number) +971 4 448 8103 (Mastercook Office #)  +971 4 423 8995 (school number) or email enquiries to coordinator@mastercook.ae

13. I am travelling for 3 days and would like to book my child lunch during the time I am away, can I place order for 3 days only?

We are pleased to inform you that Mastercook are now accepting orders for short period, please go to the booking form and indicate the days you will require your child’s lunch delivered.

14. My child forgot to bring money, can you give him food?

Mastercook believe that food is essential part of child’s growth development.  If your child doesn’t have money for the day, we will issue them the food for you to pay later.  Our canteen supervisor will contact parents to confirm this and check for any allergies.