Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

We have compiled a list of questions that parents are most likely to ask us in the early stages of the application process – we hope you find it useful.

Should you have any other questions, please get in touch with the Admissions team and we will be happy to help.

1) My kids were due to have exams in Term 3 (AY 2019-20) – what happened to these?

All international exam boards have worked on contingency plans to find alternative solutions for each country affected by school closures. They have communicated these plans with the school and this information has been shared with parents.

2) Are international exams for this year cancelled?

UK curriculum:
The British government cancelled international examinations in the May/June 2020 series in any country. This includes AQA, Edexcel, Oxford AQA, Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level, Cambridge International AS & A Level, Cambridge AICE Diploma and Cambridge Pre-U.

For more information, please see:

1) Will the school be open to students in the new academic year?

Our School will be allowed to open and operate from the start of the 2020/21 academic year. We will ensure that all health and safety protocols are in place and complied with.

2) What health and safety conditions will the school have to follow in the new academic year?

Maintaining health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Conditions to protect students and staff include:

  • Screening all students and staff for temperature at entry point to the school.
  • Maintaining physical distance guidelines as recommended by the relevant health authorities and reducing the head-count capacity in classrooms.
  • Limiting gatherings and suspending group activities such as school celebrations, and sports events;
  • Organizing and managing the students’ working day including mealtimes to avoid high concentrations of students in one place.
  • Sterilising the school building, classrooms, laboratories and other facilities regularly;
  • Ensuring that support & maintenance service staff do not enter the school when students and staff are present.
  • Appointing a trained health and safety official to ensure that people and processes in the school comply with health and safety protocol.

3) Will the school be the same as it was before the pandemic?

For the foreseeable future, our school will have to comply with health and safety guidelines to protect everyone against infection. These mean that the school may not look or feel the same as before the pandemic.

4) Will children still do PE and other physical activities?

Physical education classes will continue. For the time being, swimming pools will be closed.

5) Can school events still go ahead?

School-wide events and activities such as assemblies, sports days, international days or performances are not allowed to go ahead, for now.

6) How will this affect school fees?

School fees remain unchanged for the next academic year.

7) I feel nervous about sending my kids back to school – what can I do?

We know that returning to school could be a worrisome time for parents and students. Our school will be following specific health and safety guidelines to protect students and staff. If you feel nervous about sending your children to school, please speak with us to learn more about how we’re approaching health and safety, and what you can do to play your part. Being safe at school is everyone’s responsibility.

8) Can I choose to keep my children at home until I feel it’s safe?

We will be offering different options for learning in the new academic year, in consultation with parents and families at the school. Please contact us to see what options are available to you.

9) Will buses be operating?

Buses will be able to operate at 30% capacity, and must also comply with health and safety protocols. These include:

  • Taking the temperatures of all passengers boarding the bus
  • Keeping windows open as much as possible
  • Disinfecting handles, rails and other frequently used areas of the bus

Sunmarke Virtual School (Rahhal) – No child is left behind!

As life resumes, our “Fortes Education Pathway to Reopening Compendium” is a one-stop source to read all about our reopening in August 2020 and operating policies and procedures during this pandemic. However, we fully understand that for some families coming back to school is not a feasible option due to health-related or for other reasons. For this, we offer families the  Sunmarke  Virtual School, under KHDA’s Rahhal, part of 10X – a Dubai Future Foundation initiative.

Through our Virtual School our highly-experienced EYFS, Primary, Secondary,  (Sixth Form and IB specialist  at 6th  Form)  teachers plan and delivery fully  customisable  learning opportunities in a safe environment turning students  into life-long learners. This virtual school provides a creative and innovative transition from a physical school – an alternative that brings out the best from each student, thereby providing the student to switch back into the physical school seamlessly when the pandemic might be seemingly over. It is a platform that helps us value every family’s decision whilst without comprising on receiving an outstanding education.

We are offering the following  Virtual School programs for students in FS1 to Year 13  in academic  year 2020-21:

  • Gifted and Talented – for students who cannot attend physical school due to training schedules, programs or related travel.
  • Inclusion - For students with Special educational needs where the physical school setting is not appropriate.
  • General – For students/families shielding from COVID19 due to health concerns, cannot travel due to inter country  restrictions or need to attend school from home.

For more information about “Fortes Education Pathway to Reopening Compendium” Please  click here.

How does my child benefit from Virtual School? 

Parents considering Virtual School need to ask themselves this serious question. What are the advantages for my child if they pursue Rahhal?

To answer this question, parents need to look at and understand their motivation for pursuing Virtual School. Is it the flexibility of hours, the opportunity to focus on a talent, a special need, a passion or skills not catered for elsewhere in the system?

These motivations need to weigh up positively against parents’ ability to commit to supervision, time, space and patience, and the social interaction with peers that may be altered. We encourage a long exploratory dialogue between the school, parents, teachers and students to make sure the right decision is made.

How do I apply?  

Please apply through our standard  application forms

Sunmarke  School  (EYFS to Year 13)  https://applynow.sunmarke.com/

If you have already applied or  are already a student of the school  now,  please contact the Admission office for assistance.

Please note:

  • Where students are re-enrolling and continuing from the previous year, attainment and progress data will be used to benchmark and set academic targets which are challenging.
  • When a student enrolls for the first time, they will carry out processes of assessment, which can be carried out physically or remotely online.
  • Approvals will be given by the Academic Team.

Virtual School Parent Agreement

Parents will be required  to sign a Virtual School  Parent Agreement  prior to the start of the program. This agreement will be tailored to the need of the student. All agreements must be approved by the KHDA  prior to commencement.

An agreement will depend on the needs of the student and the nature of the proposal. In some cases, a group of students can join the Virtual School (Rahhal) based on the same proposal, however each student will still need a separate Rahhal enrolment agreement.

It is important that the agreement between the school and student outlines all “exit” as well as “entry” procedures for Rahhal.

Students may go on to join the physical school  when exiting an agreement as das a seat is held for them.

KHDA registration 

All students attending the Virtual School program must be registered as a student of the school with the KHDA.

All New students are required to complete the KHDA registration and KHDA parent school contract prior to admission.

All Virtual School agreements must be approved by the KHDA prior to activation.

KHDA Transfer Certificates 

For New students joining Year 3 to 13 a Transfer  Certificate  is required for KHDA registration.

On leaving our school (physical or Virtual)  all students can  take a KHDA Transfer Certificate for  their  grade on leaving. Normal terms  &  conditions and KHDA  fees  apply.

Why Virtual School (Rahhal)?

Virtual School (Rahhal) can be customized by the school to meet the individual needs of their students to either meet an existing challenge or to create a new opportunity.

How is Student Attendance recorded?

All students attendance is recorded by the school. In our Virtual School the class teacher will monitor and report on the attendance of students studying under the Virtual School.

Student Study support at home

It is essential that parents ensure that their child is fully supported  by a responsible adult  (parent/guardian/teaching assistant/LSA or tutor) in the home environment to meet the study requirements of the  program and as agreed as part of your Parent Agreement.

Students will also be supported by class teachers and advisors throughout their  Virtual School  journey.

Can my child attend any  activities  at school?  

Yes, they can! As part of the Virtual School we will agree as part of the Parent  Agreement  which activities/days  your child will attend with the rest of their class at school.  This might be after school activities,  certain lessons  or days  during the school week or meetings with a student counsellor for example.

I am worried about the health risks of attending school in September, can we join physical  school later?  

We know some parents are worried about re-joining school at the start of the academic year  because of the COVID19 infection.   We wish to  assure you that your child’s health and wellbeing are paramount in our thinking and preparation for the new academic year.

Please contact the admissions office to discuss your child’s attendance through online ‘virtual’ school.

Your child may rejoin physical school at any time, when you feel comfortable for your child to return,  as a seat in class is allocated on admission, even if they commence the year in our Virtual School.

Short term attendance of Virtual School due to COVID19 concerns does not form part of the Rahhal Program.

For more information about “Fortes Education Pathway to Reopening Compendium” Please  click here.

Student Progress and attainment 

On-going and formal assessments will be carried out throughout the year.

Four formal data captures give teachers an accurate picture of attainment and progress at key points in the year.

Teachers respond to these grades by diagnostically  analysing  gaps in learning and identifying next steps, which inform planning, support plans and  personalised  learning.

Throughout the year, teaching and learning will be rigorously quality assured to ensure that pupils are being taught in order to effectively reach their ongoing academic targets. This will be done through processes of checking planning, joining live lessons, scrutinizing the videos and teaching resources and checking the quality of marking and feedback.

Teachers will have the full support of the Senior Leadership Team and their line manager to ensure that all pupils in the physical school and those accessing the virtual model, reach their fullest potential.

Virtual School and DSIB Inspections 

Students’ progress on the Rahhal program and attainment will form part of the schools yearly DSIB inspection.

Wellbeing and Support 

Safeguarding, wellbeing and the social and emotional aspects of learning are key to students’ success and the schools will ensure that pupils who opt for the virtual  programme  will continue to benefit from the support of the wellbeing teams and the various support systems that are in place, such as access to the School Counsellors and Wellbeing coaches, our online well-being & PSHE platforms, involvement in flourish groups and full representation at the Wellbeing Team meetings, where necessary.

Fees and Discounts

Virtual School Tuition Fees 

  • Standard school fees will apply.
  • Inclusion – Standard fees plus other intervention support required external to the school as per the agreement made with the school on a case by case basis.

Sibling discounts (SDP)  will apply for families either attending Rahhal or physical school or a mixture of both. {{Sibling discount link per BUS}}

Fortes Referral Program (FRP) – Discount applied to Term 3 for each successful referral)  See  T&C’s in the Fortes VLE once admitted.

Timely Payment Program (TPP)  –  Term 1 15th July, Term 2 1st November, Term 3 1st of February .

What will my child study at Virtual School?  

Your child will follow the curriculum for the year appropriate to their age group.

Please also remember  that there are compulsory UAE specific curriculum subjects such as Moral Education and Arabic.

SMS – Curriculum 

Secondary (Year 7 to 9)https://www.sunmarke.com/learning/secondary/our-approach-secondary/
Secondary (10 &11)
Sixth Form (Year 12 & 13)https://www.sunmarke.com/learning/sixth-form/our-approach-sixth-form/

Distance Learning Apps 

The following Online Platforms support both Online Learning and faculty/student/family collaboration to ensure a quality student learning experience when planning and delivering remotely:

Fortes VLE for parents and students.

EYFS:  SeeSaw

Primary: SeeSaw (Years 1 and 2), Teams and One Note (Years 2 to 6)

Secondary: Teams, One Note

KHDA: What is Rahhal?  

Rahhal is part of 10X – a Dubai Future Foundation initiative to take Dubai ten years into the future – in just two years. Meaning  traveller in Arabic, the message of  Rahhal is simple: the world is a classroom, and all learning counts. Rahhal is a fully  customisable  platform that will help turn anyone, and any organisation, into a learning provider, and turn all of us into lifelong learners.  It will be a conduit that harnesses the community’s knowledge and skills and channels it to each individual learner. And the best part? All learning on the platform will be given the stamp of approval by Dubai government.

KHDA: Why Rahhal? 

Rahhal provides a creative and innovative alternative to mainstream education – an alternative that brings out the best from within the community and recognises  learning wherever it occurs. It is a platform that helps to integrate learning with life, and life with learning.

KHDA: Who will benefit from Rahhal? 

By providing a supportive regulatory environment, Rahhal  will enhance learning opportunities for all members of the community, whether they’re children or adults. It will support learners with special education needs as well as those with special gifts and talents; it will diversify the choices for parents who wish to supplement their children’s education; and it will provide adults with a flexible, modular form of learning that can be used to further their careers or enrich their lives.

1)  Can I come in for a school tour with my family?

We are now able to conduct School tours to prospective students and their parents.

Physical distancing and other health and safety requirements must be followed when arriving at our school, for a tour.

Please complete the Travel Declaration Form before requesting for a school tour: https://bit.ly/3ghOOdv

  • Temperature check upon arrival to the school
  • Face Mask must be worn during your school tour
  • Physical distance of 2 meters must be maintained

2) KHDA Parent School Contract

 To prepare for enrollment into the new academic year 2020-21please note that: 

Students can only attend school in the new academic year if they are registered in the KHDA School System and parents have signed the Parent-School Contract. Please download the Dubai Now App which will enable you to sign the Parent/School Contract online. This only needs to be signed by parents of students who are new to the school. 

3) Documents for Registering at Sunmarke School 

If you are a new family, joining the school for 2020-21, please ensure that all pending documentation for your child is submitted to the Admissions department at Sunmarke School before 1st August 2020. 

Documents that should be submitted to the school are:

  • Letter of current enrolment at school (Year 2 Up)
  • Transfer Certificate (Attested by UAE Embassy)
  • School reference letter (Year 2 Up)
  • School Reports – 2019-20 (Year 2 Up)
  • 1 Passport Size Coloured Photo ( Student and both Parents)
  • Student Passport Copy
  • Student UAE Visa Copy
  • Sponsoring Parents Passport and UAE Visa Copy
  • Birth Certificate (in English or Arabic)
  • Students Emirates ID Card (back & Front)
  • Sponsoring Parent Emirates ID card (back & Front)
  • Vaccination & Immunisation Record Copy
  • DHA Medical & Immunisation Consent form

4) Age Cut Off Dates

New students must be enrolled in their respective age groups as per the ministerial decree (820) of 2014.

The cut-off date is December 31 without exception.

The table below shows the age/year-group information of students aged 3 to 6. Sunmarke School is required to comply with the age/year-group criteria and the cut off date as per the ministerial decree.

YearFS1FS2Year 1Year 2
Age by 31st December3456

This is a federal law and we are not able to consider any exemption requests. 

5.) Will Sunmarke be open for September 2020?

Our School will be allowed to open and operate from the start of the 2020/21 academic year. We will ensure that all health and safety protocols are in place and complied with.

Tuition Fees

At Sunmarke School, we understand that your child’s education is one of the greatest personal investments you will make and we strive to provide the highest quality education in a world class IB and British curriculum school at an affordable price.

EYFS & Primary Phase Tuition Fees
Year GroupDiscounted Tuition Fee 2020-21*
Foundation 144,900
Foundation 249,900
Year 154,900
Year 254,900
Year 355,900
Year 455,900
Year 555,900
Year 655,900
Secondary Phase Tuition Fees
Year GroupDiscounted Tuition Fee 2020-21*
Year 769,900
Year 869,900
Year 969,900
Year 1072,900
Year 1172,900
Year 1273,900
Year 1373,900

Note: The discounted Tuition Fees in 2020-21 and subsequent years will increase reasonably taking into account the school’s continuous improvements and investments in the recruitment of outstanding teachers and senior leaders, teacher and staff training, curriculum development, resources, the overall education, infrastructure and facilities. 

Please view Sunmarke’s Admissions & Fee Policy 2019-20 here

Request a call back

Application & Assessment Fee: A one-time application fee of AED 500 for new students (this includes the Assessment Fee) – Non-refundable & due on submission of Application.

Acceptance Fee (New Students): 10% of Tuition Fee – Non-refundable & payable within 2 days from the date of Offer. This fee is deducted from the Tuition Fee due in the term of joining.

Re-enrolment Fees (Existing Students): 5% of Annual Tuition Fee or AED 500 (whichever is higher) – Non-refundable and due at the start of Term 3 of the current academic year.

Sibling Discounts: 1st Sibling 5%, 2nd Sibling 10%, 3rd Sibling 10%, 4th Sibling 10% and 5th Sibling 10%. The sibling discount scheme is available to those siblings from the same family who enrol at the school for one full academic year. The sibling discount is applicable to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th child from the same family. The amount of the discount is calculated off the actual Tuition Fee paid of the child who pays the lowest tuition fee amongst the siblings enrolled at the school. The maximum discount per family cannot exceed 35% of the lowest paying sibling’s Tuition Fee.

Payment of Fees (Tuition, Transport, Exam, Activity & Uniform Fees): 

For your convenience, we offer parents multiple ways to pay fees. Parents can pay by credit card via the School’s secure Desktop Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or VLE Mobile App which can be downloaded from the Google Playstore for Android phones or Apple App Store for iPhones. Once a child is admitted, the Admissions team provides parents with their login credentials, i.e., username and password.

Parents can also pay fees by (a) Bank Transfer to the bank account given below, or (b) by Cash, Credit Card or Cheque (in favour of Sunmarke School) at the School’s Account’s Office.


Uniform fees are to be paid separately at the School’s Uniform Shop.

Fees for field trips, events and fund-raisers must be paid online, (as and when the activity takes place), via the School’s secure Desktop Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or VLE Mobile App.

Payment can be made via wire transfer to the following account:
Account NameSunmarke School LLCTuition Fees – Due Dates

Autumn Term: 01st August

Spring Term: 15th November

Summer Term: 15th February

Re-enrolment: 01st day of Term 3

Account Number012000921414
Bank NameNational Bank of Fujairah PJSC
BranchJebel Ali
IBAN NumberAE220380000012000921414
Remarks<School / Nursery> | <Student First & Last Name> | <Year Group> | <Academic Year> | <Term 1,2,3>

Please email proof of all payments to: accounts.sms@forteseducation.com and cc:

officemanager.sms@forteseducation.com & registrar.sms@forteseducation.com

Additional Fees (charged separately from Tuition Fee):

  • Optional Transportation Services via 3rd Party Service Provider
  • Optional Dining Services via 3rd Party Service Provider
  • Optional After-School Activities provided by 3rd Party Service Providers
  • School Uniforms
  • Educational Visits

Please note, the School’s Tuition Fees are subject to change in accordance with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Fee Framework.

For full details of fees and any applicable discounts, please contact the Admissions Office telephone +971 (04) 423 8900 or email: admissions.sms@forteseducation.com.

Fee Structure – Transferring students from Regent International School to Sunmarke School

At Sunmarke School, we understand that your child’s education is an investment and we strive to provide the highest quality education at an accessible price for a Premium School.

Application FeeDhs.500/-– Not chargeable
Re-enrollment Fee (Existing Students)5% of Tuition Fee– Non-refundable, adjusted against the 1st Term’s Tuition Fee, 1st day of Term3


Transferring RIS Students Phase Tuition Fees
Year GroupKHDA Approved Tuition Fees 2020-21Discounted Tuition Fees for students transferring from Year 6 at Regent
Foundation 156,99244,900
Foundation 262,17449,900
Year 167,35554,900
Year 267,35554,900
Year 369,94555,900
Year 469,94555,900
Year 572,53655,900
Year 672,53655,900
Year 782,89863,900
Year 882,89863,900
Year 982,89863,900
Year 1093,26065,900
Year 1193,26065,900
Year 1298,44166,900
Year 1398,44166,900


* From 2019 onwards

From Academic Year 2019-20 and onwards, the School will implement “Early Bird” payment discount schemes for its families, to ensure that:

  • our Tuition Fees will continue to remain affordable, and increments will follow a similar pattern as in the “Founding Years” (i.e. AY 2016 – 2019); and
  • our families have the financial clarity to plan and budget for their child’s education at Sunmarke School.

Additional Benefits:

  • In the first 3 years of operation, (i.e. AY 2016-17, 2017-18, 2019-20), a secondary child’s Tuition Fee will include Learning Packs; and
  • In the first year of operation, (i.e. AY 2016-17), the school will provide 1 no. free Uniform Basic Set consisting of 1 no. trouser / shorts / skort / skirt, 1 no. shirt, 1 no. tie and 1 no. Blazer), to each student. Additional uniform items are chargeable as per the uniform provider’s tariff card; and
  • Sibling Discounts: 1st Sibling 5%, 2nd Sibling 10%, 3rd Sibling 10%, 4th Sibling 10%. The sibling discount scheme is available to those siblings from the same family who enrol at the school for one full academic year. The sibling discount is applicable to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th child from the same family. The amount of the discount is calculated off the actual Tuition Fee paid of the child who pays the lowest tuition fee amongst the siblings enrolled at the school. The maximum discount per family cannot exceed 35% of the lowest paying sibling’s Tuition Fee.
Payment can be made via wire transfer to the following account:Re-enrolment  15th December
Account Name:SUNMARKE SCHOOL LLCAutumn Term01st August
Account Number:12000921414Spring Term15th November
Bank Name:National Bank of Fujairah PJSCSummer Term15th February
Branch:Jebel Ali
IBAN #:AE220380000012000921414
Remarks:<Student Name> <Year Group>

Please email proof of all payments to:   accounts.sms@sunmarkedubai.com, and cc:   officemanager.sms@forteseducation.com    &    registrar.sms@forteseducation.com

Additional Fees (charged separately from Tuition Fee):

  •  Optional Transportation Services via 3rd Party Service Provider;
  •  Optional Dining Services via 3rd Party Service Provider;
  •  Optional After-School Activities provided by 3rd Party Service Providers;
  •  School Uniforms;
  • ·Educational Visits;

School Fees are subject to change in accordance with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Fees Framework

Where the eldest sibling transfers to secondary phase at Sunmarke School, but where the FS and Primary Phase siblings stay at RIS the following discount policy will be applied on full year attendance:

Example 1:

  • Eldest Child (1st Child in the family) – Attending Sunmarke: No Discount
  • 2nd Child from the same family (Sibling 1 at SMS): 5% deducted from  3rd Term Tuition fee as per SMS Policy
  • 3rd Child from the same family (Sibling 2 at SMS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition fee as per SMS Policy
  • 4th Child from the same family (Sibling 3 at SMS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition Fee as per SMS Policy
  • 5th Child from the same family (Sibling 4 at SMS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition Fee as per SMS Policy

Example 2:

  • Eldest Child (1st Child in the family) – Attending Sunmarke School: No Discount
  • 2nd Child from the same family (Sibling 1 at RIS): 5% deducted from  3rd Term Tuition fee as per RIS Policy
  • 3rd Child from the same family (Sibling 2 at RIS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition fee as per RIS Policy
  • 4th Child from the same family (Sibling 3 at RIS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition Fee as per RIS Policy
  • 5th Child from the same family (Sibling 4 at RIS): 10% deducted from 3rd Term Tuition Fee as per RIS Policy

*Please note, that these discounts will be applied to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th siblings 3rd Term of joining actual Tuition Fee. The maximum discount per family is equal to 35% of the lowest sibling’s tuition fee.

Students transferring to Sunmarke School from Regent International School, will not be required to pay additional Assessment or Registration fees. Transferring students are only required to complete the RIS Re-Enrollment Form and pay the 5 % re-enrollment fee by the Start of the 3rd Term each year to secure their seat.

If an RIS or Sunmarke student leaves the school but returns to the School before the end of one (1) academic term, they will keep their entitlement to the RIS Transfers to SMS Tuition Fee Structure. If more than one Term passes, then the student will be considered as a New Student and will be required to pay the New Students Fee Structure as applicable to their group of re-entry.

Tariff for the following KHDA services as stipulated by KHDA:

  • Request for student Education Continuation Certificate for visa renewal (AED 120)
  • Request for student leaving form for the students who are leaving Dubai (AED 120)
  • Request for student transfer between private schools (within the stipulated time frame)-Student transfer (AED 120)
  • Request for student transfer between private schools (after the stipulated time frame)-Student transfer (AED 520)
  • Request for attestation of student certificate or report card (120 AED).
  • Issuance of ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ certificate for matters related to School – Attestation (AED 120)
  • Issuance of ‘To whomsoever it may concern’ certificate for matters related to Students – Academic History (AED 120)
  • Request to change student data at the Authority – Student exam grade amendment (AED 120)

In case any of the above services are required, please make payment of the respective amount with our school accounts office before collecting the document listed above.

Please see the table below for the dates that Term Fee Payments are due.

Letters and invoices are typically sent out at least a month in advance of the due date.

Tuition Fee and Re-enrollment DatesDue Date
Term 11st Aug 2020
Term215th Nov 2020
Term 315th Feb 2021
Re-Enrollment  – to Secure Seat for next Academic Year11th April 2021

We understand that many parents have been badly affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

We would like to emphasize that we understand your position and consider you and your child valued members of our school community. We truly understand what you are going through because we are all in the same position.

The school will offer limited financial aid to those parents facing extreme financial distress.  This is means tested aid and supporting documents will be requested for any case to be considered.

Please contact the admissions for guidance on how to apply for assistance.

1. To contact admissions please go to your Fortes VLE app/desktop Login.
2. In the top left hand corner click on the 3 lines and then click on Contact Departments
3. Select Admissions. Please request a call back and the nature of your inquiry
4. Press the Submit button

A member of the Admissions Team will be in contact with to follow up with your inquiry as soon as they can.

Admissions are now open for applications for 2020-21 & 2021-22 AY* entry.

The 2020-2021 Assessment Diary is Open – We are now booking assessments for year groups FS1 & FS2, Year 1 to 10 and Year 12.

Please contact the Sunmarke Admissions Office to confirm your child’s assessment date.

For students currently Overseas: For students in current Year 6 and above we can offer Assessment at the current school attended.

Please contact us to find out more. Students transferring from UK schools in all years please contact us directly for more details.

* 2020-21 Admissions: Foundation Stage 1 & 2 assessments will commence in the Autumn of 2019 – We will be in touch with all applicants once dates have been confirmed. All other Year groups will commence in January 2020.

For Students entering Year 7 and above assessment can be offered at the current school attended if that school is willing to administer the test under examination conditions.

The assessment will be the same as that taken by our local students with the addition of a Skype interview.

You will need to provide Registration, a letter of enrollment, latest school report and recommendation form by the date of assessment.

For Students transferring from UK schools please contact admissions directly to discuss your application.

The KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority – the governing body for Education in Dubai) set entry age for early years’ students within their legislation as follows: The KHDA curriculum guidelines run from 1st of January to 31st of December.

  • Age 3 (Jan 1st to 31st December) FS1
  • Age 4 (Jan 1st to 31st December) FS2/KG1
  • Age 5 (Jan 1st to 31st December) Year 1/KG2

The UK curriculum guidelines run from 1st September to 31st August:

  • Age 3 (on or by 31st August) FS1
  • Age 4 (on or by 31st August) FS2/KG1
  • Age 5 (on or by 31st August) Year 1/KG2

From Year 3 entry onward we follow Transfer certificate information from the previous school and results from assessment. For students born between 1st September and 31st December there is an overlap in the year of entry between the UK and KHDA guidelines. For children affected we take into account the UK age appropriate year group of your child and also the KHDA year group at assessment. From the results of assessment your child will be offered a seat in the most appropriate year group according to your child’s development, readiness for school and ability – physically, socially and emotionally for that year group. For more information or if you would like to discuss this further, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have state-of-the-art facilities on offer with special attention paid to athletics, the arts and the latest technological advancements. Below is an idea of what our facilities will include:


  • IFA- 18 Sized Football Pitch
  • 200 Meter Athletics Running Track
  • Two Swimming Pools
  • Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and Netball Courts
  • Two Expansive Multipurpose Halls

Creative and Performing Arts

  • Three Fine Arts Labs
  • Dedicated Drama Studio
  • 600 Seat Auditorium
  • Four Music Labs
  • TV & Radio Production Studios


  • Nine World-Class Science Labs
  • Five Design Technology Labs
  • Three Libraries with Media Centres

To insure each student receives the individualised care he/she deserves, we cap  classes based on the year. Below is a breakdown of student to teacher ratios by year:

 Year GroupFS1FS2 – Y2Y3 – Y6Y7 – Y9Y10 – Y11Y12 – Y13
Maximum number of students222426262626

At the end of each academic year, it is the school’s policy to mix and reallocate all classes throughout the school. This process is undertaken to ensure the even spread of age, gender, nationality and ability across the classes.

Sunmarke is a truly international school with a focus on fostering diversity and nurturing talent. Sunmarke continues in Regent International‘s tradition in regards to enrollment with 80+ nationalities represented, the largest percentage hailing from the U.K.

A bus service is in operation at Sunmarke School. The details of this service, route and fees, are now available from the Bursar’s Office. The school is not intending to offer a ‘shuttle service’within the community or between the 2 schools. Please refer to the Transport section in the drop down labelled “For Parents” on our website for more details.

Sunmarke has two state-of-the-art dining halls offering outside catering services at an additional charge. One dining hall for Primary and the other exclusively for Secondary. Foundation years typically have two snack breaks a day which are taken in the classrooms.

By accepting the cards, you and your child hereby agree to the below terms and conditions.

1.  Users must wear the ID around their neck at all times whilst on school premises.

2.  Validity of each card is subject to student payment of full tuition fee.

3.  Students with valid ID card can use various services within the school during the academic term/year duration such as Library book borrowing or subscribed optional services like bus or catering services.

4.  To ensure student safety, please wear this card around your neck when collecting students during school hours & present upon request.

5.  ID Cards are non-transferrable, non-exchangeable.  Please ensure that the ID cards are kept secure, and are not deliberately or inadvertently made available for use by any other person.

6.   Users must return all ID Cards and lanyards on expiry or when a student withdraws from school.

7.  Lost cards must be immediately reported to the Administration Office.

8.  Replacement of lost card is subject to AED50/-   and for lost lanyards at AED30/-.

9.  It is the duty of the parent/guardian to return all ID cards if there are any changes in the status of a student’s legal custody.  Please notify the School Administration so that we can issue you an updated card free of charge. Subject to documentary evidence.

10.  Alteration, falsification, copying or misuse of the ID card is a violation of the school’s regulations and will be subject to disciplinary action which may include reporting to competent government authorities.

At Sunmarke, we exercise a positive and inclusive admissions policy. Candidates will each be given due consideration on a case by case basis, and we will take into account the capacity of the premises, staff and curriculum pathways to effectively meet the needs of the individual. Our Achievement Centre offers a broad range of additional support for students with SEND, including targeted support in language, maths, literacy, and functional independence. We are currently working to develop our range of alternative curriculum pathways for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 so that, in time, we can offer an appropriate pathway for every learner.

1. Is it approved by the Ministry of Education?

  • It is a mainstream curriculum, supplemented by ASDAN modules. As it is a supplemented curriculum which focuses on reduced teachers, KHDA informed us there is no need for permission for this pathway as it falls under our current education licence.

2. What are the timings if my son is enrolled in this program?

  • The timings are that of the normal school day, unless the student has additional needs or commitments outside of school that need to be met. As a KHDA accredited Rahhal provider, we can review timings to meet the student’s needs.

3. What are the timings if my son is enrolled in this program?

  • The timings are that of the normal school day, unless the student has additional needs or commitments outside of school that need to be met. As a KHDA accredited Rahhal provider, we can review timings to meet the student’s needs.

4. What is the cost for LSA?

  • Costs are an estimate range until all students are enrolled.

5. What would be mentioned in the invoice for this program? Is it “Tuition fee”?

  • School fees are billed as normal. Parents will then have to sign a KHDA Individual Service Agreement for the LSA cost. This will then be a separate invoice.

6. How will I enroll my child?

  • Our SENCO will assess the student before we can accept to ensure we can meet their needs in this class. It is a pathway that supports access to mainstream and we can’t cater for severe needs.

For more information on the pathway, please click here

Below are the school timings for Sunmarke’ s Foundation Stage, Primary and Secondary

FS1 – 7:30am – 08.00am until 1:00pm

FS2 – 7:30am – 08.00am until 1:00pm

Aftercare for enrolled students is provided for FS1 to Year 2 up to 5pm – please contact Admissions for more information.

Primary (Year 1- Year 6) – 07:40am – 3:00pm

Secondary (Year 7-Year 13) – 07:40am – 3:10pm

Students in Primary and Secondary finish at 2:00pm every Thursday.


We are reopening full time in August 2020. We welcome all our students, every day, all day. Safety and wellbeing are our top priorities. To view our COVID-19 comprehensive health & safety policies and procedures, please enter your email ID to receive the "Fortes Education Pathway to Reopening Compendium" e-book.

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