We understand the importance of nutrition and health as part of our student’s overall well-being and encourage healthy eating habits from an early age.

We have partnered with Ansamble, the catering experts, to tailor-make our dining menus and meal programmes.

We provide a welcoming environment with a bright and spacious cafeteria where students can enjoy healthy food options, socialize, and deepen their friendships. Students can also opt for pre-packaged food in environment-friendly packs. We also provide Grab & Go snacks for them to enjoy.

Menu and Pricing:
From Pasta to Biryani and a range of vegetarian options to choose from, healthy meals made especially for your children are priced at AED 22. The menu is kept nut-free and designed with dietary restrictions in mind. Sunmarke parents can access the weekly menu via our parent communication portal, VLE by clicking on ‘Dining Services’.

Health & Safety

Ansamble takes robust safety measures in their kitchens, ensuring that all food is prepared with a PPE kit with a Safety Ambassador to monitor quality and hygiene. All COVID – 19 protocols are strictly followed.

How to book meals for your child?

Step 1: Sunmarke parents can Log on to our parent communication portal, VLE, and click on ‘Dining Services’.

Step 2: The ‘Dining Services’ link will redirect to our caterer, Ansamble’s web portal where Sunmarke parents can use their credit/debit card to top up their child’s account linked to their Student id.

Step 3: The top-up amount will automatically be reflected on their child’s student id.

Step 4: Their child can swipe their student id (lanyards) to avail of the catering services. This is applicable for dining, pre-packed food, and Grab & Go services.

For further clarifications, please refer to our FAQs or contact Mr. Mukesh from Ansamble on +971 52 711 8255.

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