Parent Engagement

Parent Engagement

Sunmarke continues in the tradition of a Fortes school with a strong Parent Engagement Programme. Parent’s are as much a part of our community as the children and are involved in all aspects of school life. 

Parents participate with their child’s education by attending assemblies, Parent’s Evenings, helping out with reading clubs and joining our popular monthly Wellness Wednesdays sessions which provide them with useful parenting and lifestyle advice from our School Counsellors or external speakers.

The Parents Association – FOSS

The Friends of Sunmarke School (FOSS) play a central role in our school, organising various community events throughout the course of the year. Some calendar favourites are Movie Night, International Day, Cup Cake Sales, Mother’s Day, the Dance-A-Thon, and the Spring Egg Hunt to name a few.

They also provide vital support to parents and families joining the School or who have just moved to Dubai. The FOSS coffee mornings and the FOSS ‘Healthy Hub’ are great ways to make new friends and socialize.

If you would like to know more about the activities and events organised by FOSS or how to join this parent body, please contact

“As the Deputy Head of Sunmarke, I have 11 years of experience leading schools in Dubai with a strong passion for Community Engagement and Social Responsibility. My goal is to give students a platform to showcase their talents, develop their skills, and grow in confidence through school events and initiatives.

I am committed to involving parents and the wider community in the school community. I aim to establish a collaborative relationship between parents and the school, providing opportunities for them to make a positive impact on students’ education and development. My favourite quote by Robert Burns sums up my belief that the purpose of life is to live with purpose, and I am dedicated to helping all students, teachers, and parents find their passions, purpose, and place in the world in a supportive and inclusive learning environment.”

Mrs Tracey Bishop
Lead: Parents and the Community


Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday sessions are held once a month and allow parents to hear from a variety of specialist speakers and experts on topics that are important to them and their families. We cover a wide range of topics that are linked to the most recent research in child development and best practices in Positive Education.

Check out our video recordings to learn how to manage stress and anxiety, build resilience, practice cyber safety, and more!

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