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Enriched Learning

An Opportunity To Enhance Students' Skills Beyond The Classroom

Sunmarke offers an exciting after-school programme led by our experienced EYFS teachers and support staff. The Active Minds Programme is available Sunday to Thursday, 1 pm to 6 pm with enough flexibility.


Active Minds offers a wide range of activities and multiple classes for children from FS1 to Year 2. This programme gives them the opportunity to collaborate, investigate, explore and socialise with a large circle of peers.

A typical Active Minds afternoon would be as follows:

  • Children remain with their class teacher for enrichment activities before lunch at 1:30pm.
  • Post lunch, they begin their first activity which could be creative crafts, music and movement, gardening, STEAM activities or languages.
  • They visit the library, take part in some outdoor activities or spend some time being digital detectives.

Activities and Clubs

At Sunmarke, participation in extra-curricular activities, be it in sports, creative arts or music, is as important as academic achievement. This philosophy is at the core of our Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) within the EYFS department that offers students interesting experiences in a supporitve environment.

Here is a list of the paid enrichment activities provided by our trusted external agencies to children after school:

  • Football with Soccerkids
  • Teddy Tennis
  • Dance with Turning Pointe
  • Simply Gymnastics
  • Mini Mixed Martial Arts with Budo Juku
  • Russian lessons with Headway
  • Spanish lessons with Headway
  • French lessons with Headway
  • Mandarin lessons with Think First
  • Coding with Logix Engine