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Laying The Foundations For A Lifelong Love Of Learning

A child’s journey of education begins in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) department at Sunmarke. Blending a range of outstanding Early Years practices from the best international schools, we commit to a child-initiated learning approach and a sophisticated play-based curriculum that enables students to fulfil their unique potential.

Sunmarke’s Amazing Philosophy and Journey

A- Autonomy: 

Children are central to everything we do; all projects stem directly from their interests.

M– Mindset: 

In line with Sunmarke’s ‘Positive Education’ ethos, we teach children to have a ‘Growth Mindset’, encouraging endless possibilities. 

A- Academics: 

We provide a broad, balanced yet innovative British curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage, building the bedrock for the future.


Happiness is a key agenda at Sunmarke School; we truly believe that if a child is happy and enthusiastic, they learn better.

I– Individuality: 

Our personalised curriculum ensures every child’s individuality is recognised. Strong teacher/pupil relationships allows tutors to identify and cater to a child’s interests, strengths and challenges.

N– Nurture: 

We nurture every child to enable them to grow and reach their fullest potential.

G– Grow: 

Every child that enters EYFS has a special and incredible journey that helps them grow and develop into happy, healthy teens.

Learning Through Play

Imaginative and creative play is how children learn about the world. During imaginative play, they manipulate materials, express themselves verbally and non-verbally, plan, act, interact, react and try different roles.

Learning is most effective when children participate in creative play with dolls, vehicles, blocks, rocks, cardboard, or boxes. Employing creative thinking while manipulating play dough, creating recipes by mixing dirt and water, working with art materials, splashing in puddles, or pretending to fly can further child development.

Imagination fosters cognitive and social development by allowing children to contemplate different resolutions, thus boosting their self-confidence.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ in the latest KHDA’s DSIB inspection report (2022-23) with ‘Outstanding Personal Development & Learning Skills and Outstanding Curriculum and Curriculum Adaptation’.

What is the age group for EYFS?

EYFS stands for Early Years Foundation Stage. Many schools in Dubai follow EYFS British curriculum. EYFS Dubai students are aged between 45 days and 6 years.

What will my child learn in EYFS?

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) lays the bedrock for lifelong learning for a child. Sunmarke, as a leading British curriculum school in Dubai, offers a broad, balanced and innovative education during EYFS, the highlight of which is a child-initiated learning approach and play-based activities spotlighting their own interests and aptitude.

Premised on the ethos of Positive Education, EYFS Dubai children of Sunmarke are encouraged to have a growth mindset from an early age and their individuality and imagination are given a boost through creative play techniques to draw out their full potential. 

What are the four principles of the EYFS?

At Sunmarke, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) British curriculum is followed along with principles of Reggio Emillia and the Curiosity approach. What makes Sunmarke’s EYFS British curriculum unique is its innovative, broad and balanced design to encourage a student’s individuality through play-based creative activities and child-led learning.

The four specific areas in focus during this stage are Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World, and Expressive Arts and Design. Each of these areas is significant for personal, social, emotional, physical, communication and language development.

Is EYFS compulsory?

A child’s journey of education begins at the EYFS level, which lays the foundation for lifelong learning. Any private school offering EYFS curriculum in Dubai needs to adhere to certain standards that are set to ensure that children from 45 days to 6 years are kept healthy and safe, and are equipped with skills needed to excel at primary school.

With research proving the role of good quality childcare in supporting children’s learning and development, British nursery curriculum for EYFS can be said to be the first and most important stage in a child’s physical, social and emotional development.

Do all nurseries have an EYFS?

While it not essential for nurseries to have EYFS, they do provide more educational programmes and activities involving literacy, numeracy and creative learning in order to prepare children for primary school.

At Jumeirah International Nurseries, which is located within Sunmarke School, the British nursery curriculum for EYFS is followed along with principles of Reggio Emillia and The Curiosity Approach. The underlying objective is to provide authentic, meaningful experiences for children that promote age-appropriate, hands-on learning.

What does enriched learning mean?

Education should go beyond textbooks to ensure holistic personality, social and emotional empowerment of a child. Be it in primary school or secondary school, enriched learning opportunities enable students to enhance their skills outside of the classroom thereby preparing them to thrive in a globalised world.

These include extra-curricular activities related to sports or performing arts, events that draw out their special talents, social, environmental and cultural awareness programmes, and initiatives that expand their horizons beyond the timetabled curriculum.