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Our Approach

A Nerve Centre of Innovative and Compelling Learning Opportunities

Sunmarke’s Primary phase nurtures a child’s development in all aspects, with teachers committed to knowing your child as an individual and making them feel valued and respected.

The British curriculum subjects are taught in a creative and engaging manner alongside the mandated UAE subjects, with students immersed in a STEAM curriculum that enables them to make purposeful connections between all areas of their learning.

Thinking Skills

Extensive facilities that befit great international schools, an engaging learning environment, future-focused programmes, rewards for achievements and individual attention help students build confidence.

In Key Stage 1 (KS1), we nurture a growth mindset and introduce students to more formal learning. They achieve greater self-reliance, effective study habits and learn to work and collaborate with others.

In Key Stage 2 (KS2), we foster confident and competent learners as well as good communicators. Students develop self-discipline and independence as well as respect, humility and compassion for others.


Sunmarke places great importance in cultivating student leadership. From Year 1, children start to take responsibility for their own learning, become Lead Learners and develop resilience.

Sunmarke students are trained to be leaders in every area of school life:

  • Our Primary Head Boy and Girl are active participants in whole-school initiatives that influence policy
  • Our House Captains instill a sense of pride and ambition in their fellow students
  • Student Council representatives gauge pupil opinion and campaign for change
  • Wellbeing Champions work to ensure students are safe and happy
  • Our Eco-Warriors work tirelessly to ensure a cleaner, more sustainable future for us all

Digital Learning

Sunmarke sees technology as a useful tool to support learning. We believe in incorporating technology purposefully to enhance our students’ autonomy, independence and learning experience.

Towards this, our Primary students use iPads or tablets, interactive screens, a variety of AI apps as well as VR headsets. Please view our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy here.

Social Responsibility

Instilling social responsibilities in our students is important to Sunmarke. We want our children to grow into aware, responsible global citizens who develop empathy, cultural awareness, tolerance and a greater understanding of environment and sustainability concepts. This goes hand-in-hand with the character strengths that are an intrinsic part of our Positive Education approach.

Here are a few examples of our past and continuing social initiatives to achieve these objectives:

  • Our Eco-Warriors liaise with local environmental groups and charities to promote environmental awareness among their peers
  • Every year group learns about sustainable living through growing and harvesting their own hydroponics
  • STEAM projects are tailored to develop children’s understanding of social responsibility and designed to tackle real life social, environmental and economic issues
  • Students take part in residential trips and charitable ventures such as The Shoebox Appeal and Emirates Red Crescent Ramadan food collections
  • Students plan and execute entrepreneurial activities to raise money for worthwhile causes

What is the age group for primary?

Primary school admissions are possible for students of the age ranging from 5 to 11 years. Sunmarke is one of the best primary schools near you in Dubai.

Which is the best primary school in Dubai?

Sunmarke School ranks among the top 5 primary schools in Dubai. As one of the best international schools in the emirate offering British curriculum, Sunmarke’s Primary phase nurtures a child’s development in all aspects.

Extensive facilities, an engaging learning environment, future-focused programmes immersed in a STEAM curriculum, and individual attention offered at the British primary school in Dubai enable students to maximise their potential. Sunmarke’s exemplary education and innovative initiatives have resulted in the school being consistently rated as ‘Very Good’ by KHDA and ‘Outstanding’ by BSO. Know more about primary school admissions in one of the best primary schools near you in Dubai on our website.

Which school curriculum is best for Primary?

Zeroing in on the best curriculum for Primary school depends on several factors including personal preferences, the child’s interests, future potential and the school’s academic programmes. Most educators advocate the British curriculum as being suitable for Primary education primarily due to its holistic approach to learning. Sunmarke is among the best primary schools near you in Dubai that offer British curriculum.

International schools offering British curriculum not only provide high-quality education in core subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities but also offer well-rounded opportunities for a child’s personal, critical, social and emotional growth. At Sunmarke, one of the best schools in Dubai, all academic and non-academic initiatives are rooted in the philosophy of Positive Education and each programme is designed to invoke the best qualities that a British curriculum offers.

Its structured approach, emphasis on character-building, stringent standards of excellence and development of critical skills are other reasons why British curriculum is valued across the world. Know more about primary school admissions in one of the best British primary schools near you in Dubai on our website.

What is taught in the primary curriculum?

The Primary school curriculum at Sunmarke imbibes the ethos of Positive Education offering British curriculum and UAE subjects in a meaningful student-focused manner. The core subjects include English, Mathematics, Science (including STEAM), Arabic, Islamic and Moral Education while Foundation subjects comprise Computing, History, Geography, French, Art & Design, Philosophy 4 Children, Music and Physical Education.

Additionally, Sunmarke offers a diverse range of sports, co-curricular and enrichment activities, and classes in Arts, Music and Drama for students’ well-rounded development.

Do I need to apply for admissions for primary?

If a student is not enrolled at Sunmarke, s/he will need to apply for admissions to the Primary school. An existing Sunmarke student will not need to re-apply for admissions however they will need to re-enrol to ensure smooth transition in their educational journey.

Re-enrolments can be done online and non-refundable fee of 5% must be paid, deducted from the Tuition fee. Transfers are available for Regent International School to Sunmarke School. Click here for enrolment procedures.

What are the primary school tuition fees?

The Primary school tuition fee at Sunmarke School ranges from AED 61,000 to AED 62,000. A sibling discount scheme is available to students from the same family who enroll at the primary school in Dubai for one full academic year. A 5% discount is offered for the second sibling, 10% for the third, fourth and fifth sibling on the primary school fees.

Additionally, a transfer discount on primary school fees is also made available for students from Regent who wish to join Sunmarke. Click here for the primary school admissions and fee policy.