Our Approach

Our Approach


Where horizons expand rapidly  Sunmarke’s Primary is a hub of innovative and exciting learning opportunities.  

In Sunmarke’s Primary Phase, there is a deep focus on the whole child as teachers are committed to getting to know your child as an individual to ensure they feel valued and respected.

The UK curriculum subjects are taught in a purposeful, creative and engaging way alongside the UAE statutory subjects, and students are immersed in a thematic journey that encompasses real-life experiences and purposeful, memorable challenges that deepen understanding and develop independence.

In Key Stage 1, we nurture a growth mindset and introduce students to more formal learning. Students achieve greater self-reliance, effective study habits, and learn to work and collaborate with others.

Through extensive facilities and a warm, colourful and stimulating learning environment, our teachers provide students differentiated and enjoyable learning programmes, rewards for achievement, and a focus on their individual needs so students build their confidence and learning skills.

Sunmarke’s Primary curriculum in Years 3 to 6 of Key Stage 2 (KS2) aims to nurture confident and competent learners as well as good communicators. Students develop self-discipline and independence as well as respect, humility, and compassion for others.

Student leadership is fostered and developed at Sunmarke, and students’ opinions and priorities inspire and drive us. From Year 1, children start to take responsibility for their own learning, become Lead Learners and develop a resilience that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Sunmarke students lead in every area of school life: our primary Head Boy and Girl are active participants in whole-school initiatives that influence policy; our House Captains and Vice Captains instil a sense of pride and ambition in their fellow students; Student Council representatives gauge pupil opinion and campaign for change; Positivity Patrol members work to ensure students are safe and happy in school, whilst Peer Counsellors deal sensitively and maturely with those experiencing difficulties. Meanwhile, our Eco-Warriors work tirelessly to ensure a cleaner, more sustainable future for us all.

Digital Learning

Our Primary students use iPads and interactive screens, however, we are not obsessed with technology for its own sake.

We see technology as a useful tool for research, presentation, evaluation and reflection. Where we see potential to enhance the learning experience – we’re not afraid to take it.

Please view our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy here.

There is no doubt that Sunmarke students take their social responsibilities seriously: not only do they look after their class and school environment, they also actively promote a global attitude towards sustainability. Our Eco-warriors have campaigned for an end to single-use plastic by launching #wastefreewednesday across all phases of the school, and students entered a competition to design a house logo for our very own reusable water bottles.

Through Philosophy for Children, moral education and values in action lessons, students develop a clear understanding of their privileged position in the world and realise that they have a responsibility to do what they can to help others. They take part in residential trips and charitable initiatives such as The Shoebox Appeal, The Infinity Games and Ramadan food collections. During the Month of Innovation, students become responsible citizens by planning and executing entrepreneurial activities to raise money for worthwhile causes such as hosting Team Ireland during the Special Olympics.

Students grow through these initiatives by taking on new responsibilities and experiencing the world through real-life contexts. They learn teamwork skills working and living with other students. They develop cultural understanding and tolerance, recognising and appreciating the differences while working towards common goals. They develop character by facing real-life situations. And they enjoy and develop a greater respect for the world and environment around them by experiencing new places and people.

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