Creative & Performing Arts

Creative & Performing Arts

Art and creative thinking are present in all facets of life. Our Art curriculum, teachers, and expansive Art studios give students the opportunity to develop their creative thinking and own creative voice.

Sunmarke offers plenty of opportunities to dance and perform and tap into their creative side. See our Creative Arts subjects below:

Our Arts Department has a team of talented and passionate art teachers and allows students to experiment with a wide range of different disciplines such as fine art, digital art, textiles, sculpting, pottery and print-making! We have some outstanding wall art murals that Primary and Secondary students collaborate on around the school.

View some Secondary art in the gallery below:

The ‘Life is Beautiful’ – Art Mural

The Art Department and 20 students from Primary and Secondary collectively created a stunning Arabic calligraffiti mural which can be found on the Art Corridor. It means Positive Purpose in Arabic and is a stunning representation of life at Sunmarke School.

See the mural taking shape below:

Music is woven across the entire curriculum at Sunmarke and is central to school life.  

Sunmarke benefits from the Fortes’ VIP Academy for the Performing Arts and a team of professional music teachers who provide students with varied opportunities to learn a variety of musical instruments and skills.

Every student learns an instrument of his or her choice and many develop mastery and choose to prepare for the Trinity/ABRSM music exams. Gifted students are nurtured to consider music as a choice of higher study, while some choose just to have fun jamming in a band. Regardless, all students develop an appreciation of music and enhance their creativity and self-development.

Also, keep an eye out for the ‘Lunchtime Pop-Up Series‘ where our hottest musicians perform around school and delight all with their musical talents.


Watch the highlights from the ‘Summer Soiree Concert‘ featuring Sunmarke’s brightest talents from Year 3 to Year 10:

With a 380 seat Auditorium for the Performing Arts and inspirational drama teachers, Sunmarke provides students with the opportunity to access, experience and contribute to various aspects of the creative process from script to stage.

All students participate in whole school theatrical productions either as performers or backstage crew.

Some of our most recent productions include Bugsy Malone and Practically Positively Perfect (an adaptation of Mary Poppins). Our Drama students also regularly enact plays and skits and participate in inter-school competitions:

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