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Secondary School in Dubai

Our Approach

Our Secondary school is alive with activity from dawn until dusk – as students pursue their ambitions in the classroom and beyond.

Seamless Transition

Sunmarke Secondary School ensures that students have a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary school to succeed in the next phase of their academic journey. 

To make the experience less daunting, our staff works closely with families. Our transition programme from Primary to Secondary school ensures that they start Year 7 full of excitement and with minimal nervousness.

This section contains important and up-to-date information about our transition programme. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Kelly, Miss Brown, or Miss Eloise Seddon (Head of Year 7).

Transitioning Into Secondary

We strive to do our utmost to ensure that the transition from Year 6 to Year  7 is as smooth and welcoming as possible.

Days for Your Diary

Upcoming activities:

  • Miss Brown and Mr Hannigan will be visiting the children in their classroom to hold an informal Q&A session.
  • We will be hosting x2 Parent Information Coffee Mornings on Wednesday 31st May and Tuesday 13th June at 8 am held at Sunmarke School. This will be an opportunity for parents to meet with Mr Hannigan and other senior members of staff and find out more about life in Year 7.
  • Over the next 3 months, the children will have the opportunity to experience Secondary Taster lessons. This will give them the chance to meet some of our secondary school staff and experience this part of the school building.

More information and timings for the above events will be available soon.

Approach To Learning In Secondary

Our approach encourages students to build the skills and learning habits to become independent thinkers – preparing them for life way beyond Year 13. 

Thinking Skills

At Sunmarke through our ‘Positive Education’ inclusive approach, students are enabled to flourish in a safe, happy and nurturing learning environment. They are stretched and challenged to ask and develop their own questions to harness their potential to the maximum.

Opportunities are provided through numerous activities undertaken in the classroom, on the sports field,  on stage, through educational visits abroad, organising charity events, or representing the school as outstanding ambassadors.


There are numerous opportunities for leadership from informal roles within the classroom to formal roles outside of the classroom e.g. Prefects, School and Community Ambassadors.

Students can aspire to leadership roles within and outside their year groups.  These roles are designed to promote excellence while enabling student leaders to play a role in the development of the school and community.

Digital Learning

Sunmarke students are adept at using technology through  class assignment and quizzes, homework submission and assessments, online collaboration and communication between students and teachers, tracking progress and behaviour and access to school resources, library books and information.

We promote and sustain a culture that encourages the integration of digital technologies into all areas of the curriculum. Students engage and collaborate with their peers using a variety of digital environments and tools.

Cyber-safety is an integral part of how the school community works with everyone being aware of their digital responsibilities, modelling ethical and appropriate use of digital resources.

Please view our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) here.

Social Responsibility

Our principled, creative and innovative learning environment encourages students to have a responsibility ‘for’ and ‘towards’ the community.  They learn to be solution-focused, discuss controversial topics, share their opinions on what they learn, ask questions and engage in dialogue.

Environment and Sustainability

Sustainability is a key agenda at Sunmarke School. We believe that we have a shared responsibility as citizens of the world to choose sustainable practices and we empower our students to do the same.

Below are just some of the ways we incorporate the environment and sustainability within our subjects.

Media – Sunmarke’s Media students focus on projects related to sustainable transportation, the effects of pollution and draw upon the beauty of nature and landscapes when building their portfolios.

Economics – Our Business and Economics courses cover topics such as economic growth vs development, effects of trade and globalisation, the impact of deforestation etc. Students are encouraged to research policies to solve urgent environmental issues.

The Sciences – A Level and IB Biology – Both courses include the study of ecosystems, ecology and biodiversity. Secondary students also look into the sustainability of using earth’s resources and assess the impact of extracting, using and recycling.

Global Outlook

Our excellent, holistic education and team of dedicated teachers place values like honesty, responsibility, tolerance and respect for the rights of others irrespective of nationality, gender, culture or religion at the foundation of learning.

This provides students the skills and knowledge to meet the challenges of the future. Our  high-quality education and multi-pathway model with bespoke career paths guide them to find the most appropriate route to study their favourite subjects at the university of their choice.

What is the age group for secondary?

Secondary school admissions are possible for students of the age ranging from 11 to 16 years. Sunmarke is one of the best British secondary schools near you in Dubai.

What is taught in the secondary curriculum?

Well-established as one of the best secondary schools in Dubai, Sunmarke offers a robust secondary level education with subjects rooted in STEAM and creative learning. Students are taught compulsory core subjects including English, Mathematics and Statistics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish), and Design Technology.

Additionally sporting activities with world-class facilities, and creative art-infused programmes in Drama, Music, Theatre and Dance are also offered at the British secondary school in Dubai.

A diverse set of extra-curricular activities from public speaking to volunteering and events aimed at holistic personality development round off a bouquet of exciting learning opportunities as befits an international school. Sunmarke is among the best secondary schools near you in Dubai offering such extra-curricular activities.

Do I need to apply for admissions for secondary?

Sunmarke is one of the best secondary schools near you in Dubai. If a student is not enrolled at Sunmarke, s/he will need to apply for the Secondary school admission. An existing Sunmarke student will not need to re-apply for the secondary school admissions however they will need to re-enrol to ensure smooth transition from primary to secondary.

Re-enrolments can be done online and non-refundable fee of 5% must be paid, deducted from the Tuition fee. Transfers are available for Regent International School to Sunmarke School. Click here for enrolment procedures at the British secondary school.

What are the secondary tuition fees?

Sunmarke is among the best secondary schools near you in Dubai. The Secondary school tuition fee at Sunmarke School ranges from AED 76,800 to AED 80,680.

A sibling discount scheme is available on secondary school fees to students from the same family who enroll at the school for one full academic year. A 5% discount is offered for the second sibling, 10% for the third, fourth and fifth sibling on secondary school fees for admission towards secondary level education.

Additionally, a transfer discount is also made available for students from Regent who wish to join Sunmarke. Click here for the admissions and fee policy at one of the best secondary schools in Dubai.