BTEC Courses

Sunmarke school delivers a dynamic BTEC Programme allowing students to develop vocational skills to move to university or into direct employment.

BTECs provide the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a field or subject and are an excellent alternative to the more theory-focused A Levels.


BTECs are taught through practice with students often going on educational visits and meeting industry specialists as well as them doing a week’s work experience in Year 12.

Sunmarke offers 4 very popular BTEC specialisms which all link to particularly thriving industries in the UAE and beyond:

If you have an interest in the Hospitality industry, from catering or managing a restaurant to supervising a hotel or planning and managing events, Hospitality is an important subject for you to study.

It is an exciting course as it is a mixture of practical cooking sessions and trips to various hospitality businesses around Dubai to support theory work.

The Travel & Tourism sector is a thriving and dynamic global market place, with a wide range of exciting and energetic job roles available. This course will enable you to learn more about this profitable business sector, and the type of work it has to offer.

This is an extremely popular course which is the ideal stepping stone to achieving a higher qualification in Business, which encourages creative thinking and decision making. The programme aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the operations and structures of businesses and also to equip students with the skills required to succeed in employment or at university.

Media is an important factor in all of our lives, with a growing interest of people who consume it daily and it’s growing dominance/demand within the job market.

The media and its influence continue to shape the way we think and our view on the world. Through the practical nature of the BTEC Level 3 course, you will have an opportunity to gain insight into the world of media not just as a consumer but also as a producer.

View our Options & Information Booklet for full details on the BTEC and A-Level option blocks. 

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