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A Dynamic BTEC Programme Helping Students Develop Vocational Skills To Move To University Or Into Direct Employment

What are BTECs?

Short for Business and Technology Education Council, BTECs are a practical-based, vocational qualification which offers the same equivalence to A-Levels when converted into UCAS points. Many industry sectors have a set of National Occupational Standards that professionals must follow. The learning content of BTECs is built around these National Occupational Standards, which is why BTECs are recognised as valuable qualifications. They provide the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a field or subject and are an excellent alternative to the more theory focused A-Levels or subjects on the IB Diploma Programme.

What does this Pathway look like?

BTECs are taught through application with students often going on educational visits and meeting industry specialists as well as them doing one week of work experience in Year 12. Assessments are via regular coursework and projects throughout the 2-year course. If you know you don’t excel in exam conditions, BTECs can relieve this pressure, spreading out the work that dictates your final grade as 100% of your final grade will come from these coursework components. Students are able to take a combination of BTECs and A-Levels in order to have a balance between hands on learning whilst also taking more traditional subjects. It is also possible to combine BTECs with the International Baccalaureate; to find out more about this combination please read the IB Careers Related Programme page.

How does this Pathway lead to University?

BTECs are equivalent to A-Levels in terms of applications to universities. However, there are some universities which don’t accept these qualifications so you would need to research the different countries you would like to apply for in order to ensure you meet the admissions criteria for your desired destination.

What skills will I develop?

BTECs truly prepare students for the real world, offering them practical skills to be successful in the industry of their choosing. If you enjoy practical learning and want to study a specialised range of subjects, BTECs are the perfect option for you.