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A student-run leadership programme with multiple volunteer societies

Civitas (Latin) for citizens with responsibilities within a community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop global leaders with outstanding citizenship.

Our Philosophy

We believe that leadership, empathy and community can be nurtured in each student through various community outreach initiatives.

We believe each student possesses unique strengths and capabilities and it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for personal growth and empowerment by enabling individuals to make meaningful contributions to Civitas societies.

Our Purpose

Civitas provides an exciting platform and opportunity for Sixth Form students to lead initiatives developing their leadership and organizational skills as well as knowledge.

Each initiative or project or has the dual purpose of student enrichment and community outreach developing engaged global citizens.

Meet the CIVITAS Team

  • Introducing the Head of Civitas Societies!
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    Meet the extraordinary leader at Civitas, overseeing our 7 vibrant societies, including Medicine and Law. Get ready for exciting updates as our society heads take the stage to share their insights and initiatives. Stay tuned on our socials for more from our inspiring leaders!

  • Introducing our Math Tutoring Leader!
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    Meet Muhammad, the exceptional leader of our Math tutoring initiative within Civitas, our inspiring programme for student development, collaboration, and enrichment. Muhammad leads our dedicated volunteers from Secondary and Sixth Form as they support younger students in solving math problems. Stay tuned to learn more about their invaluable contributions!

  • Introducing leader of our Student Enrichment Branch!
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    Here’s introducing Kynan, the dynamic leader of our Student Enrichment Branch of the Civitas Programme, an exciting initiative for student growth and development. The goal is to foster a vibrant community where children support each other and work together in an academic setting. Stay tuned to learn more about the programme, including the ‘Student Academic Tutoring’ aspect, where senior volunteers provide valuable support to lower secondary students.

  • Introducing Co-Leaders of the Science Society!
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    Introducing Civitas’ Co-Leaders of the Science Society – a passionate community of students devoted to all things Science! Our leaders will empower younger students through exciting activities and events, enriching their knowledge and igniting their passion for Science.