Careers Rising

Careers Rising

An outstanding Careers department provides students guidance to the world’s top universities; inspiration through our “Think & Thrive” entrepreneurial speaker series which brings in industry professionals and entrepreneurs; mentorship to secure summer workplace internships; and extensive career counselling. By the time our students graduate from school, they stand out as model students with the confidence, skills and preparedness for university and the workplace thereafter.

Sunmarke graduates go onto the world’s top universities like Carnegie Mellon, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Georgia Tech, UCLA, University of Toronto, Imperial College, University of Exeter, University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, Durham University, University of Exeter, University of St. Andrews, and the University of Melbourne, amongst others.

Personalized Career and University Guidance at Sunmarke helps to ensure that all students are prepared for the Post 18 transition. Using our Unifrog portal, students can explore a variety of career pathways suited towards their interests. In addition, they may use Unifrog to search for universities around the world that match their interests and preferred pathways. Timely career lessons, regularly scheduled university visits and fairs, and one on one meetings with our Career Counselor help students to map out their future.

In addition, Fortes Education invites speakers from a variety of career backgrounds to come to share their journeys with students through our Think and Thrive series. Parents are also an important part of the conversation and they are invited to frequent SUNRISE sessions which cover all matters related to university admissions and transition to universities across the world.


Sunmarke students achieve their first choice university destinations that include the UK Russell Group and other top US universities. We encourage our students to follow their passions and experience the exciting opportunities that the world has to offer. 


(Class of 2021-22)

Computer Science, UCL


(Class of 2021-22)

Economics, University of Toronto


(Class of 2021-22)

Psychology, University of Amsterdam


(Class of 2021-22)

Liberal Arts, King’s College London, University of London


(Class of 2021-22)

Law, Queen Mary University of London


(Class of 2021-22)

Accounting & Finance, London School of  Economics & Political Science

Discover how wide our community reaches around the world below:


Summer Internship Placements

Sunmarke has summer internship programmes from Year 10 upwards where students learn real-world skills in a variety of areas like marketing, accounting, engineering, project management, HR, medicine, commercial and investment banking, consulting, tech, law, medicine and more. Students intern in companies like tech majors like Google and IBM, internet start-ups like, investment banks like JP Morgan, consulting firms like McKinsey, Deloitte, and PWC, medical firms like Kings College Hospital and Al Zahra Hospital, and a variety of other leading companies.




Top CEOs, business leaders & entrepreneurs share stage with our student hosts to share life experiences with them. With some of the most influential names in the region being a part of our ‘Think & Thrive’ series, our students are always learning and getting inspired from the very best in the trade.

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